Reebok Cardio Ultra-Her One ANd Only Gym Shoe

It has been a super interesting week of battling a head cold and some foot tingling issues. All of which can be resolved with some rest and that does not bode well for half-marathon training.

Thankfully, I have something to brighten up my fitness life. Meet the brand new Cardio Ultra shoes from Reebok!

Don’t bright yellow shoes just make everyone happy? Even my boss complimented them at work the other day as I have been wearing the shoes for the past few days to break them in.

After wearing them for a day I realized that these shoes required almost no break in time. Waiting for shoes to feel comfortable is basically torture and I am just I can just jump right into my workout with the Cardio Ultra.

The classes I teach have participants of all different types of athletic abilities. I need to be able to go from a low impact move such as a squat to a jump/squat/turn combo depending on the workout.

A lot of the people I teach are new to fitness and working out. They don’t always have the right gear to go with the workouts that they do. I am so happy to finally have a shoe that I love to recommend to them. The Cardio Ultra shoes come with a wide base and lots of cushioning so that everyone is happy.

Some features of the Cardio Ultra which will make this the best shoe for all group fitness classes:

  • Adaptamove- upper naturally cradles the foot, perfectly supporting multidirectional movements such as side sprints or multidirectional lunges.
  • Trifoam-this forefoot cushioning perfectly absorbs impact and provides rebound needed between moves such as burpees, mountain climbers and jumping jacks.
  • Turnzone- integrated into the outsole and is designed to allow the foot to turn freely in 360 degrees

But seriously, I am just loving the color of these shoes. I might never be able to go back to the basic black sneaker.

What do you wear to the gym?

This is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

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Mizuno Wave Rider 18

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno.

20141021_163417 (1)

I know I have not been blogging much about running but, that is simply because I am too busy doing it. I still owe you guys a recap of The Army Ten Miler and my thoughts on my first double digit run. But today I want to talk about how to find time to run with a “busy” lifestyle.

Basically, everyone in the world is suppppper duper busy. I refuse to use the fact that I am busy to skip out on my workouts and running. So here are some things I do to make sure I get my run in even on days when I don’t have time to shower.

1. Sign up for a race. I know for a fact that I never skipped a training run for the Army Ten Miler because I was training for a distance that I knew I could NOT do without training for it.

2. Find friends to run with. Even better if these friends show up at your house to run. It is impossible to skip a run if you have people waiting for you.

3. Wake up earlier or run later. Everyone has something to do during the day and you won’t always have a convenient time to run. I knew that I needed to get up at 4:45am to run at 5:30am. It was not easy but I felt awesome knowing that I had my workout done well before the sun was up.

4. Make sure you are doing something that matters to you. I am more likely to run when I am doing it for myself. I get more out of my accomplishments when I am proud of my work.


And because I am nuts I am running a 1/2 marathon in less than a month. Which is why I am out running in the dark with a headlamp and a reflective vest.



I was recently sent the Mizuno Wave Rider 18 to review and they could not have come at a more perfect time.

New shoes to train for a new running goal? Sounds awesome!

My first favorite thing about the shoes is the color. Running shoes are supposed to get dirty if you use them to right way and I am a huge fan of the color black. I also appreciated how easy it was to break the shoes in. I have no patience so I did a short 2 mile run in them as soon as I got them. No problems!

It is really important to have the right running shoes to make sure you don’t get injured while training. So head out to your nearest running store to take the newest version of the Wave Rider’s out for a spin.

The sleek style alone will have you running to sign up for your next race!

What tips do you use to make sure you don’t miss a run? What races are you training for?

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Saying Hello Once Again!

Last summer I had a BLAST spending three months meeting my cousins!   So this summer it was nice to say hello to them once again with Lindt HELLO Chocolate Bars!    We celebrated my cousin’s birthday today! And between the cookies and cream, strawberry cheesecake, caramel brownie, and crunchy nougat flavors we all joked and laughed the evening away. Often times we are all too busy with work and school to sit down and catch up with family members. Since we all […] Continue Reading…

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