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In case you missed it, it’s been raining for the past 17+ days here in the DMV. And believe me my fitness mojo has gone out the window. All I’ve been wanting to do after work is get into bed and relax for the evening. And that is pretty much all I’ve been doing. Lucky for me summer is almost here, and there are a lot of new exercise trends in 2016 to try out.


Don’t worry, in true SuperSana fashion I have not been totally sitting at home wasting away. This past mother’s day I surprised my mother with a hiking trip!


We headed to beautiful Great Falls, Virginia for a lovely afternoon of scrambling over rocks and enjoying the sights. 


I am so happy that I get to live in an area where I have so many opportunities for fun fitness activities. As soon as the weather dries up, you better believe I will be out riding my bike.

Other than hiking, I have also been running. Last week we did HILL REPEATS. Usually, when I do a hill workout we take a small break after each repeat. However, this time we could only sip some water before heading back up. I was pooped for the rest of the week.


I have other workouts that I can do if I am feeling a little burnt out from running. I often hit up a barre class when I am in an exercise rut. I can’t believe I am only THREE classes away from hitting 100 Pure Barre classes. My seat has never looked better!


How are you managing to stay fit in this wet weather?

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A Celebration of Mothers

In the South Asian culture there is no tradition or system of nursing homes, in-home care, or retirement spas, which are so prevalent here in America. As a result it has become a moral responsibility in our culture for children to take care of their parents in their old age. In this globalized world, where people have moved across oceans for a better education and greater opportunities, it is still embedded in our cultural psyche to care for our parents, when they can no longer take care of themselves.

In 1986, my newlywed parents moved about ~7,500 miles away from their home in South Asia to America where they would settle down and start their own family. Despite being removed entirely from the culture they were raised in. My parents held firm to the cultural values they were raised with. As a first generation American, I feel so fortunate to see the beauty of both an American and a South Asian culture. My mother was fortunate enough to care for her mother in our home here in America. However, my dad’s mother was back home in India. From an early age I was able to see my parents working hard to not only support us kids but as well as their parents. Even though my Dad was not able to take care of his mother personally, I was able to see him financially support his mom back at home though sending her money overseas. I know that being able to help out back home made it much easier for my dad to leave part of his family back at home. I also know how important it is to have a secure method for transferring money a huge distance away which is why services such as Zoom (a PayPal service, powers international payments to friends and family in more than 40 countries around the world and the number one recipient of payments on Xoom is Mom) are great for creating new lives in a different culture while maintaining traditional values back at home.



I am lucky enough to have my mother home with me this mother’s day. And while I don’t have to send/give her money I prefer to show my love and appreciation for her though brunch.

And in the future there is a good chance I won’t be living in the same town or place as my parents. Living in America, I won’t be able to take care of them directly due to the wonderful resources that are in place to help aging parents. However,  I will still feel the need to respect cultural heritage and provide for them financially and I am glad I have a secure service to do so. In their old age they just won’t be able to hop over to the bank. So thanks to modern technology for helping the young and the old through the click of a button. Nowadays, even family members back home have access to the internet and don’t have to receive money the old fashioned way though checks in the mail which can be really risky.  Having a secure service such as Zoom is a huge relief for anyone who is trying to provide for two households and can allow you to spend more time with loved ones. Zoom also allows you to track your money as well us sending you alerts via text message, which was unheard of years ago when my dad was sending money back home.

27 years ago, I made my mom a Mama! Yes, that is the perk of being the eldest child. It is crazy to me that I am now the same age as my mom when she had me.


How can someone my own age be responsible enough to raise a tiny human? I have enough trouble taking my packed lunch from home to work. Sometimes I leave it at home, other times I drop it in the parking lot at work.  I digress.. Basically, my mom is amazing. She not only successfully raised me, but my two other siblings as well.


So Mama, get ready because today is going to be all about you! As soon as I publish this post, we are going to head out for brunch, followed by some girly stuff ( mani/pedi) and finish the day off with a hike!

Check out Mother’s Day deals and egift cards from PayPal here. And check out PayPal for shopping deals from merchants like Macy’s and Kiehls. It’s not too late!! This is great for people like me who only provide experience gifts but still want to add in a little more.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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