Keeping Fit With Martial Arts

As well as learning discipline and self defense, martial arts are a fantastic way to keep fit. You’ll use a whole host of muscles that you wouldn’t in most other workouts, and burn calories without it feeling like a chore. Here are a few of different martial arts you could try out to keep fit.



You might think that boxing is all about the arms. However, there’s so much more to it than just punching. Good footwork is also essential. Meaning it’s a high impact cardiovascular activity, which is combined with strength building. This combination tones and builds muscle in both the upper and lower body. It’s one of the very best total body workouts you can choose. It delivers excellent results in both calorie burning and strength training. There is a range of boxing styles- so finding one that suits you, your fitness level and your abilities is easy. If you’re hoping to improve your fitness and lose weight, boxing is an excellent way to go. Because it relies on constant motion, it revs up your heart rate and burns a serious amount of calories. This is, of course, the key to weight loss.




Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do focuses mainly on kicks, but these kicks are perfect for a leg and cardio workout. The extreme movement of jumping, flipping, flying and leaping burns calories and can help to improve your strength and fitness. Tae Kwon Do requires so much speed and agility it means that training can be extremely demanding. It’s likely to feel more demanding than other types of martial arts because it focuses on the legs which are the largest muscle groups in the body.



MMA is a martial art which allows both striking and grappling. You’re able to stand, as well as combat on the ground. It uses a mixture of techniques from various combat sports and martial arts. Attending an MMA practice session will burn through an impressive number of calories. The classes will all include calisthenics, cardio workouts, strength training, and skills practice. This involves lifting another person who is about your size. Mixed martial arts training often includes weight lifting, which will encourage you to gain lean muscle. (Not bulk, which is something that takes a different kind of regime).



Unlike other martial arts judo isn’t based on kicking, punching or striking. In fact, thrusts by the hands and feet are only allowed in prearranged forms- and not allowed at all in competitions. It involves using holds and leverage in order to unbalance your opponent. So again a martial art like this means you will be using different muscles still. Judo allows you to gain strength, flexibility, speed, agility, balance, stamina and of course power.




Martial arts workouts don’t just burn calories directly while you’re training, but they also cause your body to burn more calories for some hours afterward too. This can help to produce significant weight loss, even during your very first weeks of training. Whether you choose to stick to one martial art or take up a couple, it’s a fantastic way to boost your fitness and get into the best shape of your life.


Do you include any martial arts in your fitness routine?


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Pumpkin Muffins With Maple Cream Cheese + What I Ate Yesterday

Day 12: Brown-


Do you guys use SnapChat? I do not feel like learning how to use another social media platform. However, I did figure out how to play with the filters. They make my skin look amazing!

I’m stunning! I will most likely never use SnapChat but here is my username: supersana89. I mean I will try it out. But it sounds dangerous.

I have been in a major cooking mood/kick. It takes up a lot of time! But I am trying. I feel like I go through a spell every fall where all I want to do is cook and eat healthy. Let’s stay on this healthy train until the holiday parties roll around. Plus my pants are a wee bit snug and it’s just uncomfortable.

Also I am still too sore to workout, so I have nothing else to do when I come home from work.

The first thing I needed to do was remake the pumpkin muffins from last night. They were gross and only my dad is going to eat them because he thinks they taste healthy. To me they taste like sadness.


Round 2 was soo much better! This time I used Libby’s Pumpkin Pie Mix. Organic Pumpkin Puree from Whole Foods is gross.


The recipe is from the Fixate cookbook. But use this link for the recipe.


Ignore the crappy picture, they were sooo good.

I wanted to share what I usually pack/bring with my for the 12 hours everyday I am out of the house at work and commuting.

I will usually pack a Honeycrip apple, this is the only type of apple I eat. It tastes like candy.


And some sparkling water to cut back on the amount of diet coke I drink during the week.


I eat breakfast at work, so I have some decaf coffee and some oatmeal. I ass add some nut butter to the oatmeal so that I am full for a longer period of time.

For lunch I usually take leftovers from dinner or I take a frozen meal with some fruit and yogurt.

For dinner last night, my contribution was steamed asparagus. It’s so tasty and requires almost zero cooking skills.




I also had a chicken wrap with my asparagus. We use frozen naan from Trader Joe’s chicken marinated in Indian spices with some yogurt and lettuce.


And for dessert I had a pumpkin muffin from earlier. I have been enjoying cooking this week, but between cooking, cleaning up and packing up my lunch for the next day it’s basically my bed time!!

Do you use snapchat? Leave your username below and I will follow you!

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