The Most Miles I’ve Ever Run In A Week




This week I ran 21 weeks. According to my RunKeeper app, this is the most number of miles I’ve ever run in a week. Why 21 miles?

Well apparently I can’t do the appropriate running math required to get to 20 miles.

Let’s start from the beginning of the week. This week is the first time the temperatures have been above 30 degrees in the morning so I rounded up my 4:45am running buddies to get in some miles before work. During the work week, I need to get on the road by 6:30am and that means I need to get up early and get my runs in.

Looking back over my runs from when I first started running around 2012-2013, I noticed while I have improved my ability to run further by completing three half-marathons. However, I have not improved my speed.

I run between a 11-13 minute/mile pace. And have been for a while. My current goal is for me to get faster. Faster for me means to consistently run a 10-11 minute/mile pace.

To accomplish this goal, I want to push myself more while running, to be uncomfortable while running. Tuesday was the first day of my next training program:


We start off each training program with a time trail to break us up into groups based on our paces. After a short warm-up we headed out on a 5k time trail.



April 19


I pushed myself as much as I could during the time trail and still managed to finish basically last.


At least I managed to smile.


Wednesday was our first early morning run. 2 simple miles. I run a lot slower in the dark, I don’t want to trip and fall.

April 20



Thursday, I was like 2 minutes late meeting my running group so I chased them to catch up. Which is why I ran the mile in 10:07. I promptly crashed and burned after that and could barely finish the run. Way to go Sana.


April 21

Friday morning run included some negative splits! 3 mile before 5:30am is pretty impressive for me.


April 22

And on Saturday I set out to round up to 20 miles for the week. I wanted to run with as many people as possible so I ended up with a Run-Barre-Run day.

Me inside of a waterfall!


And since I can’t add miles, I ended up with 21 miles for the week!! Silly Sana!

April 23

Also, I thew in a few 10 something miles in this week. That is super impressive for me. They were hard miles and I crashed after that. 1 year ago, I set my 1/2 marathon PR and this year I am not able to run 13 miles but I have a different goal. Hopefully, I will be able to consistently run 10-11 min/mile.

What are your current running goals? How many miles do you run per week?


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Weekend Wrap Up

It is now Tuesday, so it’s only natural to go back and recap what’s been going on since Thursday. Here are some flowers from my parent’s wedding anniversary last month. Sadly, they have died since this picture was taken. And have been replaced with some other lovely flowers my dad got.


So on Thursday, I was finally able to run since I came down with a cold. It had been over a week since my last run and I was itching to get moving. The rest must have been good for my legs because I did not feel like I was dragging around tree trunks.


On Thursdays my group meets a little early to run so that at 6:30 we can coach a beginner 5k group. Running with people who have never run before/beginners is my favorite way of giving back to the running community. Plus, I am glad I get to still “teach” group fitness. My absolute favorite thing to do.

On Friday, I decided to walk around my beautiful neighborhood and I am so lucky that I’ve been able to live here for the past 27 years.



IMG_2884 (1)


How beautiful is Columbia? I am glad I slowed down with a walk to appreciate the beauty. I am usually too busy running by to soak in the views.


On Saturday mornings the 5k group I help coach holds a “dry run” basically we run walk a portion of the actual 5k the participants are training for. I think it’s an awesome opportunity for new/beginner runners to be able to gain confidence by actually training on the course. I covered about two miles of interval running the course. We alternated with 6 minutes of running with 2 minutes of walking.

It was a much slower run for me, however this was not my training. But 2 miles is 2 miles. Post-interval run I hit up Pure Barre for some lift tone burn action.

Can you believe I’ve taken 93 classes? I am so close to the 100 club.


Post barre I headed home for some scrambled eggs. I was starving and wanted something super filling.


I must have been tired because I proceeded to nap for the next few hours. Once I woke up from my nap I wanted sushi.


My favorite tempura dragon roll. I could have eaten a second roll but I had some ice cream instead. Solo dates are the best.

Sunday: I ran 4 miles. Mile 1- 13:44 min/mile, Mile 2- 12:56 min/mile Mile 3- 14:47 min/mile Mile 4- 10:45 min/mile.

Notice anything different? Miles 1-3 were miserable. It was hot, hilly and it felt like the sun was beaming down on my head the entire time. For the 4th mile, I took a 20 minute break, put on a hat, changed into a sleeve less top and finished up the run.

I am super impressed that I had a 10:45 mile in me after 3 soul sucking miles.



Scenes from my run: turtles out sunning. How cute!


Beautiful tulips by the Columbia lakefront.


Post run I headed home for my all time favorite snack. Apple, PB and chocolate chips! I think I also ate an unpictured salad+mac&cheese.


I rested up for a little bit before heading out for a spin class at Rev Cycle ! My favorite spinning studio in the Baltimore area. I wish I could add more spin classes into my life. It’s an awesome workout and I was dripping with sweat at the end.


And that’s all!! I’ve had an awesome and sweaty few days. Can’t wait to see what this week brings!

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