8 Week Weight Watchers Update

It’s been about 8 weeks since I started Weight Watchers and I wanted to pop in and give an update on how it’s been going! The BEST thing I did for myself was the start my diet and exercise plan well before the start of 2017.

I am riding into this new year thinner, stronger and really motivated to get into the best shape of my life.

Looking at my WW weigh-ins, it has taken me 8 weeks to lose 11.2 pounds. At first I was discouraged at how slow my weight loss was. However I’m losing about 1.4lbs ¬†each week which is pretty healthy. I’m not starving myself and I don’t feel deprived of the foods that I enjoy. Overall I am pretty pleased. The only thing I am going to do to aid my weight loss progress is to purchase a food scale. I want to know exactly how much chicken and pasta I am consuming. So far I’ve just been guessing and I want to make sure I am not overeating just for the sake of eating.

I am even more pleased with the fact that running is sort of a part of my life again. I really struggle to make it to the group run that starts at 5:30pm. In order to make it I have to wear my running clothes to work and pray that I don’t get stuck in rush hour traffic. So far I’ve made it to two runs. I’ve always been a slow runner and these times are particularly slow. However, I’ve worked really hard to get to this point. In order to run without being in pain I was originally going to PT and now I’ve switched over to doing the exercises on my own at home.

And immediately after I run I head straight to the gym to stretch and foam roll. I am going to keep doing this after every run otherwise my back issues will keep preventing me from enjoying my life.

And finally, the real reason I am glad I started my weight loss in 2016 is so that this year I can push myself in 2017.

I believe these are battle ropes. Within 5 seconds of using them I was sweating and totally out of breath. I don’t think I was even using them correctly because my trainer kept correcting my form.

If I had to say the one thing I could work on in terms of my workouts is pushing myself more. I should not be running at the same pace as I was four years ago.

I hope by having other people push me such as my trainer, my running group as well as a bit form myself I can see the change that I am looking for.

I will be back for harder and more intense workouts. So here is to pushing myself in 2017! Obviously weight loss is my biggest goal, but if I stay in my comfort zone I won’t be able to achieve any of my goal and I won’t make any progress.

How do you push yourself in your workouts?




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