St. Patrick’s Peralynna Party!

What a month, so little time but so much to say!  The Peralynna Inn partnered up with the Howard County Bloggers for the St. Patrick’s Peralynna Party! I love partnerships like this one, because it allows me to discover a new place in my own hometown.

I have lived in Columbia for 25 years now and I am a little embarrassed to tell you how often I get lost driving around. Anyway, I have driven past The Peralynna Inn many, many times. I always thought it was a beautiful home that someone lived in. Little did I know that was an absolutely charming inn.



I have never been to a dinner and dance event so I had no idea what to except. If anything, it was a nice excuse to get dressed up on a Friday evening. Most of my Friday nights involve a combination of work + homework.


I did not get a chance to grab a picture of all the attendees of the event, but it was a packed house!


As much as I love to eat, I could not keep up with the pace of the food. We started off with some appetizers, fruit, cheese, crackers and some delicious spinach and artichoke dip. I obviously went back for some more cheese.


The absolute best part of the event was the fantastic atmosphere and that was largely in part due to the band, Love Story. They were able to keep the party and dance floor going with their beautiful vocals.


Since the event was not held in a formal dining area, it was easy to walk in, not knowing anyone there, and become comfortable very quickly. Luckily, I knew some friends that were also attending the event so we were able to eat and dance the night away.




Between, the appetizers, the salad spread and bread I was stuffed before dinner even rolled around. In the midst of all the food, people were getting up to dance whenever the mood struck them. It was so lovely to see other people having a lovely evening eating and dancing the night away.

PicMonkey Collage

I personally am not a huge fan of Irish food, but I was definitely able to find something to eat that I enjoyed.


I was having too good of a time that I completely missed out on the dessert portion of the evening. But I did spy a chocolate fountain!

Next time I will have to pace myself a little better so that I can partake in my favorite part of any meal, which is dessert.




I don’t think my words and pictures due justice to how much fun I had at the party. If you are looking for a fun, local and affordable night out I highly recommend the The Peralynna Inn. At the end of the party, I was able to spend some time chatting with the owners and you can really see how much they love the Peralynna Inn.

I am so glad I was able to attend and hopefully I can attend another party in the future!

Have you ever attended a dinner/dance party?

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Are You There, Spring? It’s Me, Sana


This is my first post in the month of March and I am super excited! This is my favorite month of the year! I am sure it has everything to do with the fact that I will be turning 25 on March 31st! By the time I publish this post it will be the 2nd day in March, but who really cares.

It is now the 13th of March. I am the worst blogger ever.  It is now the 25th 27th of March.


I am super excited about this birthday because I think 25 is a pretty cool age. Yes, I am about to be one of those women that declares this to be her OMGBIRTHDAYMONTH! However, I am going to spend it doing more of this things that I truly love.

This winter was not the best for running. I truly love running outdoors and it’s just not the same when I am doing it on the treadmill. So I have been meeting up with my running group as often as the weather will allow us to do so.

My first run of the month was a beautiful one. I dodged icy patches. This is what it looks like to run negative splits.

march run

My running group has come up with a new running route that is full of rolling hills. I almost always feel like I am dying during this run. Some how I manage to survive.


I don’t have an actual picture of the deathly hills since I am too busy trying to run them. This is just an example of a milder one.

The good thing about running 3 miles of hills is that it makes you a better runner. Well, that is just what I tell myself to get through the run. Since February 18th I have run this course four times and I have managed to shave 4 minutes off of my time but, it does not get any easier.  Run1

The ONLY good thing about running on hills is that it makes running on flat surfaces really, really easy. I ran the St. Patrick’s Day 8K & Lil’ Leprechaun Leap on March, 9th put on by Pacers running store and almost had too good of a time running.

Best 8k!

Definitely my fastest 8k time! I have come to really love this distance. It’s the new 5k for me (something I never thought I would say). I fell in love with DC running through the city and past the monuments. Did I mention that the course was fast? The only downside to the race was that I was a little overdressed for the weather and I really wanted to take my pullover off. I took a 30 second break to tie my shoe laces, otherwise, my official time would have been in under an hour.

Even though this has been a rocky winter as far as running, I am definitely a better runner than I was last year. I have a lot more confidence when it comes to tackling the runs. I am just overjoyed that I am feeling good with my back and I am super excited for my spring/summer racing goals.

Also, I can’t find my race picture on the race site. I looked though 1600 pictures and did not see myself. I am definitely bummped. If I am going to be running a race, I definitely want photographic evidence to capture the moment.

Yesterday, I crossed off a major running event for myself. I ran in the snow for the first time!!!!!! I managed to avoid it all winter, because I am terrified of slipping and falling. Hello, fractured spine over here.


What a snowy spring!

winter run 3

snow run

The last mile was all uphill and I just barely managed to put one foot in front of the other. Justtt barely. It took all of me to not stop and crawl home.

winter run 2

We needed proof that we ran in the snow. I only ran in the snow because it was not sticking, but it was definitely hitting us in the face as we ran. I felt super hardcore.

Crazy to imagine that just 5 days before I was running in crops and a t-shirt.


Warm run

^ This was my fastest time this far running the hilly course. It still sucked but the beautiful running weather certainly helped.

So I know I have barely been blogging. Life has just been too good to capture. I am going to make the best effort that I can to post once a week.

I honestly don’t care if anyone even reads this, but I want to remember my life exactly as it is right now.

I am a few days shy of 25 and my life is nothing like I imaged it would be. It is more beautiful than I could have even dreamed of and exactly how it should be.

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I Only Eat Pretty Things

Quick blog post to celebrate my parent’s 28th wedding anniversary. Yes, I still blog. Life is just super busy and way too amazing to capture it all. I still might attempt to do so. We celebrated early since my brother heads back to his apartment on their actual anniversary, the 23rd of March. 28 years of marriage is a pretty big deal so we all made the effort to grab dinner at 10 pm tonight. We were so hungry by the time dinner arrived that we almost ate each other. [...] Continue Reading…

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Disclosure: The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. Compared to last year, this winter has not been the best for outdoor running. Today, I had the first chance to run outdoors in the past few weeks. I simply refuse to run outdoors when conditions are icy and frigid. And let’s be honest, no one has an enjoyable experience while running on the treadmill. I was recently sent the Reebok ZQUICK shoes to review and I have been itching for a chance to take them out on a run. To break [...] Continue Reading…

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Cooking For Myself+ Recipe

I love it when I have enough time in the day to cook something for myself. Why don’t I do this more often? Oh, wait because I like to fill my life with a million things to do and scramble to find something to eat when I am suddenly starving. Another bonus, my parents were overjoyed that I contributed to a delicious dinner last night, clearly in the running for the favorite child over here. But let’s backtrack to an entire day’s worth of eats. I did not do a cardio workout yesterday since, I had done [...] Continue Reading…

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We are Making Some Changes

Theodora said it best in a recent picture that she posted on Instagram “you can not out-exercise a not-so-great diet”. I am totally guilty of that! The past few months, have been a bit busy in terms of work and family visits, and I have not been caring about what I have been eating. Basically, I have been indulging in all of my favorite meals. I am not one to say no to chocolate, cookies or a cheeseburger. But I have kept up with running, so it’s not a total fail. But the scale does not care how [...] Continue Reading…

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