Part time blogger takes a stand.

I enjoy being a part-time blogger. I don’t have to post everyday only whenever I want. I can lurk and creep on all my fav bloggers.

If any of you full time bloggers ever become part-time we will have serious issues.

Also, can someone blog between midnight and 2am? I am usually bored during that time and would like some juicy reads!

Alright lets get to the point here. I will never be a runner. I had my fantastic five mile run and I attempted a two mile run last week.

My unofficial 1/2 marathon training has officially ended.

I can run 5 miles and that is good enough for me!

BUT I noticed my pinched nerve pain from my injury was back. I immediately stopped any form of exercise.

Read more about my injury here and here.

So today I decided to go on a bike ride! I am not going to just bum around just because I can’t run.

I was zooming through this ride!! 5 miles in 33 mins- I was heading home as I rounded a bend ( I was going fast-ish) my bike just caved under me and I toppled to the side.

No one was in sight. Tears were threatening to emerge and I pushed them aside and headed home.

Once I was with my camera I assessed the damage.

Picture 219

(Always wear a helmet!!!!)

Picture 215

Picture 216

Picture 214

Picture 218

Good news- I am all clean and bandaged up!

Bad news- I am sure I really hurt my back….

I am leaving for Europe in 5 days and I will be taking and wearing my back brace.


Meet Turtle (again)! I was previously wearing this for 6 weeks this past fall/ winter and felt 99% better at the end.

Should I get a doctors note to get this through airport security?

I could be bummed about being injured again- the pain/ stiffness FEELS 60-75% of what it used to be. Yeah this sucks.

I WILL have a fabulous time in Europe. I just need to listen to my body and take breaks.

The good news is that I am still 12 pounds lighter than when I was previously injured thanks to my healthier eating habits and low impact classes at LA boxing!

Wearing a back brace at a lower weight is very comfortable and I can avoid the stuffed couch feeling.

Other than this setback I had a FABULOUS week filled with family, food, and birthday /bridal celebrations!

A visit form my beautiful cousins!

Picture 189

Picture 187

My lovely sister and baby cousin

Picture 191

Yoga mats are the new runway. Clearly.

Picture 192

My mother celebrated her birthday in style :)

Picture 207

I hope my parents stay smiling as I am away in Europe. Doubtful.


Siblings <3 I am the oldest andddd the shortest. Grr…


Andddddd I will stay smiling because despite injuries and all the crappy things life can bring- we all live a fabulous lifeee :)

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9 Responses to Part time blogger takes a stand.

  1. Ameena says:

    Sorry about your back Sana! I do hope that things improve before your trip. Yoga is a fantastic way to get your back in good shape again.

    Love the family pictures! Your dad reminds me a lot of mine…super strict but with a sweet smile.

  2. Monet says:

    I hope your back feels better! I so appreciate your candid posts…and I loved seeing pictures of you and your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Hey girl! I hope you are okay! Good luck on your ride through the Swiss Alps! Take it easy until then, and just let your body heal! You should be better in no time. ;)

  4. mari says:

    I have become a part time blogger and I sort of like it too =)

    I am so sorry that you fell but I am happy that it was not more serious! This is why you are SUPER sana! you can fall off a bike and walk away with a few scratches =)

    I hope your back feel better….

    are you going to blog while you are away?

    and as always, you look beautiful in all of your pictures, even the ones where you are super sweaty and beat up! ha

  5. I will also never be a runner. I would ride a bike but I’m almost certain I don’t remember how. I’d probably suffer injuries like you! And I hope I’m never forced to blog between midnight and 2 a.m.
    PS: I also love the family pictures :)

  6. Sorry about your back. Hope it feels better.

    And 5 miles is a lot, btw. That’s enough to classify yourself as a runner even if you never train for longer distances!

  7. I just found the blog, glad I did.

    Sorry to here about your injuries. I am about to byu a bike, and everyone around me is getting injured on them. Makes me scared!

  8. It's Just me, Babe says:

    Love the family pics.

    Atleast you won’t be doing Everest. I’ve heard you have to at least wear closed toes shoes and it takes more than a day.

  9. kate says:

    Sorry about your boo-boos! I hope they heal soon! Im also a part-time/whenever I get time blogger these days. And hey, it works for me!