LA Boxing on the Swiss Alps


When I first started taking classes at LA Boxing they seemed a bit slow for me. I am used to the high intensity kickboxing classes I was taking when I got injured.

But this was EXACTLY what I needed!

I was strong and injury free when I tackled the Swiss Alps this past month.

Picture 272

Picture 273

Picture 274

Picture 276

Picture 277

Picture 307

To date this has been my most epic fitness moment yet! I am so proud that I was able to hike for hours and not feel tired. Ok maybe after the 6 hour hike I wanted to crawl under a rock and fall asleep, but that is another story for another day!!!

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3 Responses to LA Boxing on the Swiss Alps

  1. Monet says:

    What an accomplishment and that last photo of you is stunning! You look so strong and proud (as you should be!)

  2. So so so beautiful!! Congrats, what an amazing accomplishment!

  3. That last picture says it all! You must feel amazing!