Healthy Living- Europe

This summer I had the pleasure of going to Switzerland, Italy, France and The Netherlands.

I hiked.

Lunch in switzerland ( Kandersteg, Switzerland)

I ate.

Picture 389 Picture 390

(Cafe in Ventamiglia, Italy)

Picture 349

(Indian food in Lyon, France)

Picture 316

(Carbs, in Switzerland)

Picture 420

(Pasta in Venice, Italy)

Picture 421 (Bakery in Venice, Italy)

Picture 372

Picture 280 (Kutchen- from the middle of the Swiss Alps)

Picture 264 (Switzerland, cheese that had been aged for 3 years)

Picture 245 Picture 303 Gelatooo!

Food was just glouriousss! I never questioned what I ate and enjoyed every last bite. There may have been a few instances of pizza and ice cream for breakfast. Butt you only live once.

I biked.

Picture 341

CIMG1436I will never bike in America (on the streets) that is. In Europe (most places) you have your own lane! A few times I would walk in the bike lane and got horned at!


These bike pathways are beyond amazing! It is definitely an intense ride, with other (faster) bikers passing you by! At first it felt “wrong” to ride on the street along with the cars. But they shared the road really well with the bikes!

In Amsterdam, I was overly ambitious with my bike and I toppled over duffel backpack and all. Thankfully I had fallen off my bike earlier in the summer so I knew I would be just fine. However, my foot was stuck in between the pedals and many of the locals helped me get back on my feet!


Yes, There are TONS of bikes all over Europe and plenty of places to park.

TIP: Pay attention to where you park your bike!! At some point in the dark all bikes look alike!

One night we walked for miles and miles in a circle looking for where we parked our bikes. Thankfully it was a fun adventure, but it could have been much worse!!

I walked.

Picture 350

I quickly learned after spending 5 hours a day walking that I could not carry more then 3 outfits. I was able to leave the other 20 outfits I brought in the airport locker!

Picture 407 In Venice the most accessible way to get around is by foot.  I definitely flip-flopped my way around, and my feet were black by the time I got home. But no blisters!

I relaxed.


CIMG1373I would have to say the highlight of my trip would have to be the spa that I went to in Switzerland. Fun fact about me, I don’t know how to swim. I suppose it’s a Indian thing, but I am not a water person. So stepping into this pool was a little terrifying. However once I felt the warm thermal bath take over my skin, I never wanted to leave. In fact I stayed in  the pool for about 6 hours. I have never been in a thermal bath before, but I must have some warm water ripples in my near future.

CIMG1465 I passed out every night. There is no point in traveling without a good nights rest!

And laughed!


To me stress reduction, diet and exercise are key components in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How do you encompass healthy habits into your vacations?

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22 Responses to Healthy Living- Europe

  1. Sara K says:

    There is nothing quite as glorious as European cheese, bread, and chocolate- and whenever I’m in Europe i make it a point to have as much of these food groups as my heart desires since it’s a) rare that I’m there, b) I burn it all off anyways from all the walking, and c) because it’s DELICIOUS :)
    My vacation philosophy: Enjoy, indulge, carefree- I tend to walk around a lot more on vacation than I do otherwise, besides vacations are not to be rigid with ourselves :) Like you said, that results in stress reduction which is one of the healthiest of all habits :)
    Glad you had a fabulous time :)!

  2. Erin says:

    Great photos! I’ve found that I do so much walking while traveling, I can definitely indulge in the local delicacies (more than at home haha). I never begrudged myself wine or dessert while traveling, even when I was on the road for 2 months, because I knew that walking/hiking/biking 5-8 hours a day was more than enough exercise!

  3. Avery says:

    Oooh! I loved your section about biking! Europe is great for that! I live in Minneapolis and its actually a really great city with plenty of bike lanes, bike trails and even those bike kiosks I saw in your photos!

    Traveling and being perfectly healthy is often tough. I am like you, I’d hate to miss out on all the great local food! Looks like you have I pretty good balance though, with all the hiking and biking you did!

  4. is that a sexified deer?? creepyyyy

  5. sophia says:

    You’re SO lucky! Everything looks so fun and yummy…are those marzipan, those fruit things at the Venetian bakery?

  6. all of that food looks so so good!
    The biking looks great too- I love to bike but hate biking on the street. We need more bike lanes here.
    I have a pretty hard time staying healthy on vacation. I tend to fully encompass a vacay mindset and indulge all I want… If I am on “vacation” at my parents’ home though, I get to use their gym so that’s good.

  7. Kacy says:

    Looks like such a fabulous vacation! I’m dying to go to Europe someday!

  8. Monet says:

    What a wonderful set of photographs. I love that you indulged in some amazing food, but also managed to stay very active. This is what makes vacations great! You can enjoy some more unhealthy food because you know you will walk/bike it off! I would love to visit Amsterdam (and all of those bikes!)

  9. Matt says:

    Indian in France? Lol how was that? Haha.

    I always run on vacation! It is a great way to see the sites!

  10. Leashieloo says:

    The sights are stunning, to be sure but I’m about to blow a chunk of change to fly over there and eat! Wow, all of that food looked amazing!

  11. hira says:

    love the pics! im headed to italy for four months to study and travel around. i’ll be in torino–so close to the swiss alps!

    i can’t WAIT for the food ;)

  12. Ameena says:

    I went to Amsterdam for the first time last year and the bikes scared me! They were everywhere and nobody wears helmets and I was just in shock. What did you think about the food in Amsterdam?

    I can’t wait to hit Italy and have platefulls of pasta. It looks delicious.

  13. Danielle says:

    What a great food tour!

    You asked about keeping healthy on vacation- when I’m away from home – I try and buy as many groceries as possible – it’s sometimes hard to find healthy foods I want to eat in restaurants…

  14. Like I said on Twitter, I spent three weeks in Europe this spring but I gained a few pounds. We walked, hiked and biked. But we also ate, ate, ate and drank LOTS of wine!

    Totally worth it though. It was the best three weeks of my life!!

  15. Sana says:

    Yesss! Sooo worth it :)

  16. That trip looks incredible. The eating portion of your post reminded me of that in Eat, Pray, Love…eating with reckless abandon without any thoughts of the waistline. Walking and biking to get everywhere is the balance that we seem to be missing over here in the states :( Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  17. Gym Belle says:

    What an amazing trip! You’re making me want to travel so badly!!!

  18. Angie says:

    Beautiful photos!! You are taking me right back to my European trip a few years ago!! Thank you for sharing the amazing food and sights with us! (And I think I took almost the exact same bike shot in Amsterdam!) Great post!!

  19. Adam says:

    Amazing! I am so unbelievably jealous that you were able to go to Switzerland and France! I went to Germany last year but would love to get back, especially to do some hiking! :)

  20. Sana says:

    @Adam– I was able to take the train (overnight) through Germany so I missed out :( But hiking is the MOST amazing thing I have ever done. You should go if you ever get the chance :)

  21. kate says:

    I didnt know you went to Europe. What kind of trip did you take? Im super interested in spending some time country hopping…I should email you!

  22. Sana says:

    @Kate: YES! E-mail me! I have tons of tips. I train hopped my way to Switzerland, Italy, France and Holland :)