My Kinda Workout

I like to start off my days with a morning workout! You know, for that quick burst of energy…..or to help me get my jeans on…..

DSCN1345 I suppose this is what happens when you eat a slice of cheesecake along with some chocolate chip cookies.

Like my friend Matt says, no calorie left behind!

This morning I could not get my jeans to zip up. A few squats later I was good to go!

I am also giving up make up and my hair straighter. Truthfully, at 7:30am I am just worried that I might burn myself or stab my eyeball out with a mascara wand.

Make-up should only be applied after 9am. Safety first!


Later on in the day, I found myself in line with several other kids adults as a man in stilts was making balloon animals.

I asked for a teddy bear holding a heart to give to my mom. She asked why I brought home an intestine….. Where is the love?

DSCN1355 For my dinner I decided to go with an authentic Indian staple: Samosas!

DSCN1364 Delicious pockets of dough filled with potatoes and peas!

DSCN1365 Served with date and cilantro dippers, they are the perfect combination of flavors.

Samosas are really simple to make, but you can also purchase them at Costco like my family does. 16 Samosas for $9.99.

Now that is a good deal! They taste just like home!

How do you get your jeans on in the morning?

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6 Responses to My Kinda Workout

  1. Ha! I was about to ask for your samosa recipe but I guess the grocery store is the way to go. Love them! :D

  2. Christina says:

    I didn’t get into jeans this morning :) Didn’t have to go anywhere today so I stayed in lounge pants haha

  3. I love samosas! the grocery store close to my house sells them in the hot bar, so it’s very tempting to get 3 or 4 and call it dinner. I wore my pj’s all day today, but when I’m having trouble getting my jeans on I do the same thing as you – squats. It also works with a new pair of tights!!

  4. avery says:

    Lately I’ve had a war with my jeans. The don’t fit so well. So I’ve been combating them by going to some workout classes, trying to eat a little bit better, and also by wearing mostly leggings with lose fitting short dresses and open front cardigans. No zippers invovled!

  5. Maren says:

    I always want to try samosas. So cool they have the at the costco, I’ll be checkin that out.

  6. Shabana says:

    intestine! LOL!! did she say it like inte-STINE? hehe that’s how my parents say it… but i think i need to try the squat thing…i got quite a bit of baby weight to lose…i envy your healthy lifestyle, masha Allah. May Allah always keep you in good health and good spirits, Ameen!