My Beef With Xmas

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Growing up in America as an Indian child, I never felt left out when all my American friends got to put up Christmas lights and drink eggnog. My mom always told me that we were too naughty for santa to come and our house did not have a fireplace so I fully understood why Santa never came to my house.

Plus on our holidays we mainly give cash and I think that is way more fun then a sweater. (Hehehe)

So every year when the holiday season rolls around we join in on some American traditions, mainly those that involve food.

This holiday seasons I have stuffed myself silly with chocolate and cookies. I would not want to have it any other way.

But I am pretty sure when I have my own kids I will be handing out sweaters right and left, I do want my kids to fit in!

This Christmas Eve I ordered kabobs from my favorite Afgani place, Maiwand Kabob!

My diet is 90% meat free, but I LOVE beef kabobs!

Picture 1048 Some rice

Picture 1049 and yogurt sauce for dipping!

Picture 1050 I decided to get the free 1 month netflix trial and I have been glued to my netbook ever since.

Picture 1051 I am not a movie person at all, to me they are a huge commitment. What if 30 mins in you don’t like the move? You can’t just stop watching it because now you need to know the ending.


I think in all of 2010 I have maybe seen 3 movies total. In the past 48 hours I have seen 5 movies.


Anyways moving on to today!

My family was invited over to my dad’s co-workers’s house for dinner and I decided to bring kabobs with me!

My mom actually marinated the meat the night before ( we were making both chicken and beef kabobs)

Picture 1052 so all I had to do was bake them.

Picture 1053 The marinating process for beef is quite intense. From the way my mom described it, she usually uses a boxed Shan kabob mix and adds her own own onions, turmeric, parsley, papaya and spice. Next she pan fries a small amount of meat to taste. And finally she mixes the meat in a food processor so that everything is well mixed.


Once the meat has marinated overnight we can finally bake the kabobs!

Picture 1054

We set up our makeshift grill, skewers and all!

And then things got a little messy.

Picture 1055 Since this was my first time making kabobs, I was unsure of how to get the meat on the skewer.

I simply grabbed some meat in my hands and started smushing it on the skewer.

Picture 1056 It got messy.

Thankfully my mom came to help and told me to dip my hands in water before touching the meat so that it would all stick together!

Picture 1057 Once I figured out how to do it, things started rolling!

Picture 1058

Picture 1059

Picture 1060

Picture 1061 You only need to turn the skewers once so that everything is cooked evenly!

Picture 1062 To serve we just slid the kabobs off the skewers and cut them into pieces.

On to Christmas dinner! Our lovely hosts cooked up a feast!

We started off with some Chatt ( chickpeas) I filled my plate up at least three times!

Picture 1063

Picture 1064 The rest of the spread!

Picture 1065

Picture 1066 I filled my plate up with rice, kabob, more chickpeas, some bread, yogurt for dipping and some lamb with curry.

Picture 1067

Picture 1068

Everything was amazing!

Picture 1069 For dessert we had  Savayya (vermicelli noodles) a sweet dish made with milk and pistachios!

I took my food baby home and found some sweats!

Picture 1070 Picture 1047

My sister and I LIVE in sweats the second we come home we immediately change into them.

All is well!

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6 Responses to My Beef With Xmas

  1. Monet says:

    My sister and I are the same. We like dressing up, but we are in sweats the minute we walk in the door. Your kebabs looked amazing…I wish I could have stopped over for a bite (or two, or three, or four!) I hope that you have an amazing Sunday, my dear woman!

  2. Evan Thomas says:

    I loled when you said your diet is 90% meat free. Your nose must have grown a foot off that one.

  3. Ameena says:

    My entire day revolves around when I can come home and put on my sweats/pajamas. I HATE being in constricting clothes at home!

    And I felt the same about Xmas – I was always bitter we didn’t celebrate it. Now that I have my own house I go all out every year! And surprisingly my parents totally participate! Go figure.

  4. Sweats are life. I never wear anything without an elastic waistband in my house. It just doesn’t happen.

  5. I am SO about the sweats the minute I come home too. Seriously, right to the dresser, and on goes the comfy clothes :)

  6. BIOCHEMISTA says:

    Too funny! I live with my sister and we are the SAME! The second we get into the apartment, we throw on oversized sweats and hoodies :)