Sodastream Partyy

First things first! I snagged this camera bag from Target for $44 bucks. At first I did not want to shell out so much money for my camera. But I am loving this bag- totally roomy and well worth the money!


Today I had fun with a new toy, sodastream. I had seen the commercials on TV and I was really excited to see if I could make soda!


Three simple steps to get startedIMG_3436

Sodastream came with lots of fixings:





LOTS of flavors!



Reading the instructional manual took a few minutes to put everything together, it does require a little reading but nothing too complicated. For the sake of this blog can we pretend that I put everything together?

I was mostly excited to try the flavored sparking water-yumm!



Sodastream came with two bottles so you can make more then one flavor! I enjoyed the bubbly noise a little too much!

IMG_3462 Oh, remember to screw the bottle in, otherwise you will have some spillage!


IMG_3467            We made coke! This mainly tasted like coke zero, but I was super duper impressed.


IMG_3470We also tried the grape fruit flavor in a mini sodastream party- everyone loved it!

The possibilities are endless!     IMG_3478

  I think the BEST part of sodastream has to be the ability to control the fizz for your own personal liking, now that can’t be bought in a store!IMG_3472

I ended the night with a sweet treat, the holiday season might be over but I can still enjoy the taste!


So, does anyone want to try out the pajama jeans? I sooo want some!

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2 Responses to Sodastream Partyy

  1. Rose says:

    I have always wanted one of these! How cool that you had a little party :)

  2. I want PJ jeans too. And a sodastream. And lots of other stuff that’s awesome when you find it, but quickly loses its appeal…I’m nine.