My First Job

I got my very first job when I was 19 years-old, I had worked before, but this was my first official pay check job.

This job has kept me employed throughout my spine injury, as well as periods of my life when my weigh has fluctuated by 27 lbs.


image (Back brace I wore due to my spine fracture)

When I was a freshman in college, I saw a sign at my campus gym for a summer program that trains group fitness instructors through the AFAA program.

I immediately signed up!

Before my freshman year in college, I had been taking group fitness classes for 4 years and I was in amazing shape.

When I completed my training and started teaching my own group fitness classes, the role felt natural to me.

image image (UMBC students setting up for class)

I am confident teaching 30+ students and faculty members and I am always excited about my routine.

image image

(Did I mention, I love wearing cute workout clothes?)

I knew it worked, because when I workout I use my own routine to get in shape.

Since 2007 each, semester, summer and winter I have taught either ab crunch, boot camp or cardio box.

I now only teach ab crunch because of my current fitness level due to my spine injury.

Teaching has also come with it’s negatives. I am an overweight group fitness instructor.

image ( +15 lbs over my happy weight of 144)

I don’t have a sign on my forehead that says I have an injury, nor do I tell the people that come to my class.

I just give them a kick ass workout!


They can assume whatever they want.

Some days I am not in the mood to be a perky group fitness instructor. On those days I wish no one would show up. However, those are the days that end up being the days that the studio is jam packed!

I leave every class with a smile on my face, I love giving other people a good work out.

I have taken hundreds of people through medicine ball workouts, we have done side planks, jogged flights of stairs holding a medicine ball and we all have sweated.

Sure, some days the music does not work or the entire XC teams shows up and they talk throughout the entire workout.

Sometimes people even get up and leave in the middle.

But I have fun teaching.

I am kinda good at what I do!


What was your first job?

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12 Responses to My First Job

  1. I didn’t know you had a spine issue? Hopefully everything is ok now?

    Your job sounds awesome, I would love a job like that! Unfortunately, I work for corporate america and loathe my job. One of these days I am hoping to find my passion though! My first job was at Walgreens-horrid teal vest and a manager whose breath smelled of stank, coffee and cigs-blech.

  2. Runeatrepeat says:

    My first job was at Starbucks :)
    Your first job is a lot cooler!

  3. I would imagine you’re an awesome fitness instructor. I’d def take one of your classes :)

  4. i think you are awesome :) and it makes me smile seeing how great you are at your job!!!! so proud of you for working hard and putting on awesome classes even with your back.

    You rock.

  5. Kacy says:

    That is an awesome first job! I would love to go to one of your classes :)

  6. I worked as a receptionist at a community management company from age 16-19 and it was an awesome job. Signed residents in when they came to the pool/gym and otherwise read all day. Love.

  7. Um… That’s pretty much the coolest first job I’ve ever seen.

    my first job was a little known coffee shop in Canada called Tim Hortons. ;)

  8. Monet says:

    What a great job…I wish I could take a class that you taught! You would make me smile and push through all tiredness…I know it! My first job was a cocktail waitress (which sounds kind of sleazy!) It was fun but short-lived. Thanks for sharing, sweet girl. Eat well tomorrow!

  9. Adam says:

    How cool are you? Wish there were more teachers like you out there! :)

  10. Sara K says:

    Yayy! I’d definitely go to one of your classes if you taught around here…and speaking of I definitely need to get some cute workout clothes for my “Weight Training for Women” PE credit this semester!
    My first real job ever…as a cashier at Best Buy when I was 16…just for my winter break.

  11. avery says:

    I love your outlook on life! I think we’d have fun hanging out if we lived close! : )

    My first job was when I was 14, I worked at a restaurant called “Shoneys”. I made a whopping 5.50 an hour and I was a hostess. Because I didn’t drive, I’d have to be dropped off and picked up by my dad. Oh man. Luckily, I didn’t have any bills to pay either, so a $200 dollar paycheck felt like a fortune!

    Keep rocking the fitness classes. I’ve always envied fitness instructors. I’m normally pretty outgoing, but I feel shy in front of a classroom like that! Whenever I’m in class, I have to laugh at myself becaue I copy the instructors sooo closely, I will do ANYTHING they do. Sometimes they do will something like reach down to tie their shoe and I will follow, not realizing until its too late that it wasn’t part of the coreography. Oops : )

  12. My first job was Auntie Anne’s pretzels. I learned all the secrets to their goodies and was able to take home anything I wanted at the end of the shift because they don’t have preservatives in the so they can’t be sold the next day.