The Goodies

After I returned from my jaunt to Europe, I dashed over to Panera to meet some lovely bloggies.

Ok, I was 30 mins late. Hello, jet-lag!

I knew exactly what I wanted to order, I had been dreaming about this meal!



Mac & Cheese


Mediterranean Veggie Sammie- this combo is so so amaze. I should have asked for the whole wheat bread, but I was too excited and forgot.

Ooops. I enjoyed those extra calories.


A refreshing glass of water, with a slice of lemon!

This meal was even more amazing due to my fabulous company. Seriously bloggers rule. We never ran out of things to talk about. Bloggers love gossip and talking about themselves. What more could you ask for?



 Meg, myself and Maya 

Thankfully we ran into my friend Richard, who snapped 3 pictures of us. Oh the life of a blogger!


I scored some amazing goodies! Bars galoreeee




  These cookies were gluten- free and so amazee. I ate them all!



Post meet-up I took my bouncy Indian self to my place of employment!

Have I mentioned how much I love my job?



I was in sucha good mood, I car danced my way up and down I-95. To the rush hour drivers between 4pm-5pm. Sorry I am not sorry for that redonk dance party you may or many not have witnessed.


Maybe you will be invited next timeee!


Today I was dancing, yesterday I was eating Cheerios from between my legs. You never know what I will be doing on I-95!


Alright. Let’s talk dinner. Tonight’s dinner combined everything I had cooked this week. And it rocked my face off.



Stir-fry on a bed of rice+lentils with yogurt sauce (added some mint). So amazing!


What do you do while driving? Spill.

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9 Responses to The Goodies

  1. Sara K says:

    Mmmm all looks great! Haha I love having solo dance parties in my car :)…otherwise I kind of suck at multitasking in the car so I just keep it to that ;)

  2. Ameena says:

    Oh Panera…how I love thee! Oh Europe…how I love thee more!!

    Feel free to send me your gluten-free leftovers…

  3. Maya says:

    It was so great to meet you! Can’t wait to hang out more…

    Glad you liked the cookies!

  4. Meg says:

    I like to make funny faces to myself in the overhead mirror while stuck in traffic ;)

    I had an amazing time w/ you, you know, as usual. I cannot WAIT to skate and WHOLE FOODS it up with you lovely ladies. Oh and my cookies are totally gone too…between my Dad and I they did NOT stand a chance, haha!

    <3 you!!

  5. eatingRD says:

    hehe you’re funny! drive safe though girlie I love blog meet-ups, how fun!!!

  6. I polished off a whole bag on mini golden Oreos when learning to drive once. Not a good idea!

  7. I’d love to meet you, Meg, and Maya…you’re all Dolls and great girls!! :)

  8. I sing in my obnoxiously high voice and chew ridiculous amounts of gum. RIDICULOUS amounts. My car is littered with wrappers, kinda gross.

  9. Avery says:

    I have been wondering about panera mac and cheese, Now I will have to go try it soon!

    I frequently eat in the car. When my boyfriend and I first started dating, he found a leftover mcdonalds french fry in my center console. He probably thought I was not only a slob, but a junk food junkie! I was mega embarassed, but he just laughed and we still joke about it to this day! Sometimes a french fry craving just can’t wait!