Real American Family

My friend Kelli sent me this video of Real American Family- Episode 2

This is a hilarious clip about healthy eating in the American society!

P.s I would totally be that girl cooking dinner out of someone else’s pantry!  Lock up your kitchens!


Now my family is far from a normal American family. Once every few weeks we wear bright and shiny outfits to our “cultural events”.

You can smell our dinner from last night a mile away. And our accent is so thick, you would need a saw to slice through.

Just kidding…..only a little.

Despite missing out on 99% of American pop culture, my mom made sure to incorporate American food staples into our diet.

We all know my favorite childhood game was pizza face. But instead of dragging us out to Pizza Hut or Mc Donald’s to get our fix of American food. My mom would recreate classic American dishes at home for us.

Don’t worry, my mom still packed us an Indian lunch everyday.

I was the girl with the smelly ethnic lunch. I dreamed of being one of the kids eating a pre-made lunchable.

But looking back, my mom laid out the ground work for creating healthy and nutritious meals for us.


By creating your own version of a classic meal, you have more control over what ingredients are used and how much.

Because nobody wants to be mainstream these days.

It is all about the ability to customize your own meals. Why eat something that the person behind you in line can order as well?

Your food should be unique, just like you! Andddddd I am getting a bit carried away, but you get the point…


Today my mom sent me the following text:

nat cam 097

Ironically, at the same time I was lounging on the couch in a sea of blankets watching the latest Pizza Hut commercial with a bunch of smiling and laughing people eating warm and gooey pizza.

At that moment, I wanted to do nothing more than to call and pay $10.99 for a slice of that delicious pizza. I wanted to be those people.

But because my sister was going to be home soon, and she can be a diva when she is hungry, I dragged myself off my throne and set off to roll out some dough and slap on some cheese and sauce and call it lunch.

As I was dumping on the sauce and cheese, I realized how many choices we have when we make our on food.

I was able to choose a low fat cheese.

I could add on any toppings I wanted and I did not even have to pay extra!

I suddenly had new found love for the pizza I was haphazardly throwing together.

After gathering all the leftover veggies, I set to work making the pizza.



I even found a lone sausage-less sausage that no one would have probably eaten.


nat cam 094


nat cam 095

This pizza suddenly became a great way to use up scraps of food that would normally go to waste. We might as well call this pizza where veggies go to die


By the time my mom and sister came home, they had a delicious pizza waiting for them. Sure the ooey, gooey $10.99 pizza from Pizza Hut probably tasted better, but this was our very own personal pizza!

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5 Responses to Real American Family

  1. Devon says:

    I’ve actually thought about the whole making-things-at-home thing a lot lately. I think that’s why older generations didn’t have the obesity rates that our society currently faces. They didn’t have McDonalds or Pizza Hut to turn to on a lazy night. They made food at home. They planned. They used what they had. Granted, it wasn’t always healthy, but it was better than the crap served in a lot of convenience-oriented restaurants.

  2. I really want to try to make my own pizza, like from scratch, but our oven is broken! I’m doing it asap when it is fixed though. Looks good!

  3. Pizza looks great! I agree that the best thing about cooking at home is using what ingredients you want, how much you want and for less than you’d pay eating out.

  4. Ahhh I love your breakthrough via pizza-making!

    And this totally made me crack up out loud : “and she can be a diva when she is hungry….” That is SO true for so many people!!!

    You, my friend, are a gem. Love your style of writing!

  5. Pizza is a great way to use up leftover veggies :) I love what you said about your sister- mine is the same way! Actually… so am I…