By 8:08 this morning I knew my day was not going anywhere good.

At 8:07am I had reached the final portion of my 15 minute shower+ getting dressed routine. All I had left to do was to dry my hair and put on my clothes and I was out the door for my 8:30am class.

Let’s just say I did not make it to my class till 9:10.

Before I  blow dry my hair, I towel dry my hair, this speeds up the process. I guess in my rush,I may have rubbed a little too vigorously and I heard a *crack* in the right side of my neck and shoulder.

My first thought that I had broken the rest of my spine, because a lower spine fracture is just not good enough.

Next, I wondered if this is what a stroke felt like because I could not turn my neck to the right or lift my right arm.

Third, I called my mom and asked her to help me get dressed and blow dry my hair.

Brushing your hair with the non dominant hand is not easy by any means.

My mom wanted me to go to the ER because I looked pretty crazy with my head pinned to my left shoulder and hair in a wild bush, due to my brushing attempt. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I asked my parents to take a picture, but I guess they did not want to scare you guys away. So you will just have to take my word for it.

I was truly a sight.

After I realized that my spine was “ok” and that I was not having a stroke, I went to Giant and grabbed some Therma Care.


Sweet, sweet relief.

From previous experience of having a heat wrap permanently attached to my lower back and various electrodes, I knew that it would do the trick.


My view of the world. Sideways.

And sure enough by 10am I could lift my head upright.  

Thank goodness! I was starting to get some odd looks from people on campus, lord knows we all don’t need another crazy person.

Since today has been pretty much a bust, let’s take a look at yesterday post eggplant pizza domination.


So celebrate my baby sister getting into college, I brought home some cupcakes during a break from class. Not that I need a reason to eat cupcakes or anything…

IMG_4961 IMG_4970

I finally got to use my cupcake groupon! I went paperless and used the app on my Droid. Baller.


But first I ate some fruit, Dole canned peaches in natural fruit juice with some strawberries ad blueberries.





For lunch I had some lentil soup with some rice, ignore the chicken at the top right. I was not in the mood for meat on a bone. It freaks me out.


I clearly had an audience while I ate. Can a girl get some privacy??


After lunch it was time to taste the cupcakeee! I picked the Red Velvet which is my favvv flavor ever! I am not a cupcake snob by any means. Ok, I am. But I know what I like. The cake part of the cupcake was spot on! The icing was a bit too sweet. I would have preferred it to be a bit more creamy.

This would make sense since the name of the bakery is Oh, What A Cake. And it was a damn good cake.


At a $1 per cupcake, they were tiny and delicious.



My gadgets and a dominated cupcake. Love

On the workout front, I got to sub for a power training class which is basically a bootcamp or “bootycamp” as how I call it.

Since I got injured I only teach abs, but it was so fun to teach something I love. I was SORE after this workout and I only did half of it.

I can only imagine how the rest of the class felt.



I like to think that I am in “ok” shape, but this hill I have to walk up to where I park, kicks my a$$. I usually have to walk up 2-3 times a day and with a backpack, I am sweaty and all huffy puffy by the time I get to the top.


I guess this is a good way to get college kids in shape. Build a college campus at the bottom of a hill.

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7 Responses to Sideways

  1. I hope your neck feels better soon!

  2. Maren says:

    I want a cupcake. Glad your neck got better. That’s really scary.

  3. oh wow..glad your neck is okay!! a CRACK coming from my back would probably cancel my week. I’m such a baby haha

  4. Ahhh your neck incident sounds so painful. I’ve done that before and it’s brutal!

    One advantage (or disadvantage) of going to school in NYC is that I walk a LOT. There can be like 10 blocks between class buildings…which is good when it’s nice out, but sucks when it’s snowy/cold/rainy/windy.

  5. Errign says:

    I have one of those hills on my campus tooooo – it’s evil. :)

    I forgot that I heart canned peaches – thanks for the reminder!

  6. I hope your neck is better! Hopefully the cupcake made it okay :)

  7. I know your neck fiasco was painful, but I just had to share with you that your story lightened up my mood :) You never fail to make me smile!