“Can we talk?”

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Alright, back to talking.

Nobody ever wants to hear those three words,“Can we talk?”

In fact you maybe hearing/ saying something similar to this as we are now only 4 days shy of v-day.

“Can we talk?” is never good. In fact it is actually code for, I am not going to dump all my pent up thoughts, feelings and emotions for the past 2 months on to you in the form of words or tears.

It is always one or the other never both. I have tried that, and it never comes out well. Talking while crying only makes you cry harder.

It’s like you get sad from the sounds of your own crying when you are really not that sad at all.


Effective communication is the only way to prevent the “Can we talk?” conversation.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone actually ever say no?

Me: “Can we talk?”

You: No

Me: *Now what do I do?* Awkward…..

*99.54% of the people when faced with the “Can we talk?” question say yes. 99.34% of the people know exactly what the conversation is going to be about.

*The other .20% of the people don’t even know what day of the week it is.

I do have to say we all pretty much suck at communication. Especially if that is what your degree is in.

But seriously. We have no idea how to communicate with our parents. They will ever understand us.

And nobody even tries to communicate with their mother-in-law. Just hopeless.

I do have to say that the “impersonal” methods of communication i.e facebook chat, texting ect have actually improved our communication skills.

Sure we can hide behind our screens, but now we actually have a medium to say things, that we would pent up and have to do the whole “Can we talk?” conversation.

More importantly we have terrible communication skills with ourselves. We can be negative, self doubting and just plain mean.

It is because we never deal with the core issues that are bothering us at the moment.

Me: “Can we talk?”

Me: “Uhhh, sure I guess…” ( still just as awkward)

But at least you can cry alone.

On that note, I am going to communicate with some food. That always goes well!

* Actual statistical data from the Journal of SuperSana


  • cucumber
  • lemon
  • black pepper
  • onions
  • avocado
  • chickpeas

Seriously go make this now. It is creamy, tangy and amazing.

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6 Responses to “Can we talk?”

  1. I love your statistical data….especially on the .20% of people. ;) Can we talk is a rough one, but at least it gets things in the open. You know me though. I can never keep my mouth shut with what I’m thinking. LOL

  2. Sara K says:

    Yummmm I’m gonna make that salad!!!! “Can we talk” or “We need to talk,” are always scary…I especially freak out when I DON’T know what it’s about…ahhh.

  3. Monet says:

    I always feel my stomach sink when I hear those words…and I hate having to be the one to ask! But then again, I’ve had many great conversations due to that infamous question. Thank you for sharing, sweetheart. I hope you have a wonderful Friday…and an even better weekend.

  4. Haha “can we talk?” is truly a gut-wrenching phrase to hear…depending on who it’s coming from of course!!
    I do agree that fb chat, etc have improved a lot of people’s communication. Same for texting. Some people just feel more comfortable using those modes of communication!
    The chickpea salad looks yum!

  5. Ugh, those words make me cringe! Actually, what’s worse is- ‘We need to talk.’ YIKES!

  6. Rose says:

    I sometimes would rather hear “Can we talk” than “We NEED to talk.” :)