Beginner’s Guide to Group Fitness

Because I just can’t motivate myself to workout unless I have a 100+ people sweating with me.

1) Match

– Wearing cute workout clothes is a HUGE part of group fitness. Personally when I teach I always wear make-up along with a matching outfit.

-Additionally, when you know you look good you can feel better about yourself as well as what you are doing.

-Group fitness classes can be used as a social hour, you don’t want to wear something raggy when you want to make new friends. People will judge you.


2) Don’t stop, everyone is watching

-When I teach I can’t just randomly stop my workout and take a water break (I do sometimes when everyone is doing a partner workout), since everyone is watching me I have to make sure I am on point. I apply that same logic when I am taking a class, sometimes I just want to stop and drink water when I am just tired.

-However, water breaks are encouraged when working out, if you really need water by all means go and grab a sip.

– Yes, the person behind you will judge you when you stop moving, it happens. Just roll with it.

3) No VPL


nuff said.

4) Support

– Proper support is required when jumping around. Last night when I took a kickboxing class I could not find my Tata Tamer and had to double bra it. So while the rest of the class was doing jumping jacks I was walking in place.





5) The front row

– If you have been to enough group fitness classes you know who the front row girls are, future group fitness instructors. I know because I used to be one.

– The front row is basically an extension of the instructor. Everyone in the front row knows all the moves, and the instructor can use them as a guide.

Don’t stand in the front row if you are new, but use the front row as a guide as you try and figure out new moves. I used to take some kickboxing classes where the instructor would ask people to step out of the front row if they did not know the moves.

6) Befriending the instructor

-After spending countless hours a week with a instructor, they recognize you and it’s ok to talk to them! I am friends with many people I take classes with on facebook, I am more likely to give it my all in class when the instructor knows who I am. I am no longer the random girl who is slacking off in class.

– However, no one in the classes I teach has tried to be my friend. I am also pretty sure I forget to introduce myself when I teach. Oops.


7) 5x a week

– Most classes are offered multiple times a week, now while you may want to go to ALL of them it is better not to. I have done that, and that may or may not have been why I got injured (spine fracture). Most of the time the instructor does only 1/2 of the workout which is why they can teach multiple times a week. Well at least that is what I do.

– On the flipside, you won’t learn the moves to various classes if you don’t go as often.

8) Violently punching

-It will take you at least the first month to get all of the basic moves down, it is perfectly ok to march in place while you figure out what everyone is doing.

Nobody knows how to do the grapevine. Nobody.

-Or you could be like the woman in my class last night who was violently punching and heading in the WRONG direction. She and I collided. It was kinda funny.

9) Getting Certified

-If you do happen to have made it to the front row of a group fitness class consider getting certified. This is also another reason to become BFF’s with your instructor.

– It is also a good idea to check with your campus athletic department they may offer a FREE training program, this is how I got my job.

10) Feel GOOD

Working out and sweating with a group of people makes you feel badass, strong and empowered.


  • Group fitness is not just for women only! Tons of guys come to my ab crunch classes, and they love it! So ladies, bring your man to the next group fitness class. If anything they will enjoy the view!

Check out my post comparing LA Boxing and Tae Bo, two group fitness classes I have taken myself!

Do you take group fitness classes? Which ones do you enjoy?

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4 Responses to Beginner’s Guide to Group Fitness

  1. Love this! I’m thinking of getting my group fitness cert soon :)

  2. Matching? What’s that? You should see what I work out in sometimes, haha!

  3. I have never taken a group fitness class! Unless you count my audience of cats and hubby, lol.

  4. Love this!! I’m gonna take a class this morning, actually. I am never a front row girl, but my outfits usually match and my baby boobs don’t really require much support anyway :)