Black Bottoms

Food is the way to my heart. Thankfully I have people in my life that realize this.


If you feed me, I will love you forever!




In case anyone is concerned I did eat all four, except for the few nibbles my mommy stole from me.

Why did I eat all four? Well I was too busy cooking dinner and going rock climbing.

So funny story a friend (non blogger) of mine wanted to make falafel for dinner and they pulled up a recipe online.

Whose recipe?

Matt’s! Falafel With Mint Tahini Sauce

Regular people use recipes from bloggers, who knew!

These were super easy to make, check out Matt’s bloggy to learn how!

The only change I made was to use curry powder, which I apparently should have used more of because my mom said the falafel needed more flavor.



IMG_7348  IMG_7349









I did not get to eat these till 12am, because I stopped cooking to go rock climbing!!!!

IMG_7359 I am not super amazing at the climbing business, but I had a blast!


IMG_7377 I even went up in a harness, I wanted to come back down at many times but thankfully the belayer was very confident in my abilities and I made it to the top!


For someone who is terrified of heights I am very proud of myself.


Today I am sore and my hands burn! I did not rent climbing shoes, but maybe I will next timeeeeeee because I am addicted.

I don’t really get much time to go to the gym these days so it’s nice when I get to something physical and fun!

Have you ever been rock climbing?

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3 Responses to Black Bottoms

  1. lee says:

    I tried to rock climb on a climbing wall on a cruise a few years ago. I only got halfway up!

  2. I loved rock climbing in college. I learned to belay and everything. I think I’d fall off if I tried now.

  3. I’ve been rock climbing a few times, but it’s not really my jam. Kinda boring to me? Falafel and cupcakes, however, are most definitely my jam…