Fried Friday

I know I like to eat a lot but even Fried Friday was a bit much for me. It did not help that I have a head cold and everything tasted the same to me and I had a limited appetite.

But sometimes going out to eat twice is worth it for the amazing company!


I started my day of with some painkillers, an exam, 4 hours of sleep and a Clif bar. Oh and a royal wedding. Things were looking great…

My first meal of the day was a 3pm lunch.


We were meeting up with my friend Samiha who had just returned from her first semester of med school! Gah my friends are growing up.


We have all been friends since we were 15-16 years old so it’s super fun to catch up.

We met up at UNOS and I was not in the mood for a deeeeeep dish pizza so I rolled with a salad


and pizza skins with mashed potatoes and cheese. I could only eat 1/2 and boxed up the rest to go.

IMG_7582 I had a few hours till my dinner date at 7 so I sat down and applied for a summer job in the health and wellness field…. I really hope I get this!

We had a bit of a wait at Outback soooooo I took pics.

The outdoor seating area



The lovely sunset


Oh and meeeee


We started off with some bread. This lasted on the table all of 2 secs.



The appetizer we rolled with was the blossom bloomin’ onion


I have only had onion rings once before, so this was a TON of onion, I could only manage to eat 1/16 of it….


I also decided to get another appetizer for my dinner because, I knew I would fill up too quickly with anything else. I rolled wit the coconut shrimp.



I only ate two because I dominated some friesssss


Once 10pm rolled by, my head cold was getting bad and all I wanted was some warm liquid. With no coffee shops open past 10 we decided to hit up the fast food drive through…

Micky D’s was having coffee making issues

KFC had no coffee

BK had coffee for the win buttt we had to wait for like 10 mins.

It was SO worth it!

I got decaf and I passed out by 12…


Oh and a little sweet action, Hershey’s Crème Pie.


Oy, holy fried Friday. Even though this was a lot of fried food I did not eat a TON of it, by ordering appetizers and only eating 1/2 I saved my body from the gross feeling.


Do you order full sized entrees or appetizers when you go out to eat?

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2 Responses to Fried Friday

  1. Sara K says:

    I often get several apps for dinner just because I am so indecisive and that way I get to have more variety :)

  2. Kacy says:

    I love fried food, mmmm.