Strawberries Stuffed With Banana Soft Serve

Sometimes I get random food combination ideas that I just have to try out. I wanted to stuff strawberries with banana soft serve and see what magical foodgasm went down.

And so I did!


First I made the soft serve, yeah I had a few spoons, as I was making these strawberries.

The best thing I like about banana soft serve is that it really does not taste like banana…..



Next, I used a butter knife to hollow out the strawberry.


and I stuffed it with some soft serve, it got a bit messy but the combo tasted oh-so-amazing.


I decided to take things another step, and top the strawberries off with some Nutella.


The results were nothing short of amazing. I however would recommend either adding less soft serve or freezing in between adding the nutella.

Things got a bit messy.


But they were sooo worth it!

I eventually got tired of stuffing the strawberries and just added some fun toppings to the soft serve!



Last night was a D.C blogger meet-up hosted by Amanda, at the Nat’s game, this was my 2nd baseball game ever. But I did not even watch the game. Too many bloggers to talk to!



Kacy,Kelly ,Liz,Sarah (black shirt) Sarah (white shirt) Gretchen, Chloe,

Stephanie, Megan, Katie, Allison, Beth, Suzanne ,Carly


The weather was pretty gloomy, but I actually never got rained on!





It was so fun to see many familiar faces and make new friends!


It’s also better to have friends that will eat milkshakes and French fries with you!


I do feel bad for the people that were not in the shaded section of the stadium, because it did pour!


But I clearly had a great time!

imageThanks for the pic, Gretchen!!

Nothing that a few rain drops can ruin!


Will you go to a baseball game if you are getting rained on?

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14 Responses to Strawberries Stuffed With Banana Soft Serve

  1. Those strawberries look AMAZING. What a genius idea!

  2. Kacy says:

    I would not have been excited to get rained on, but I was excited to see you! Wish we could have talked more and I wouldn’t have been tardy to the party.

  3. The strawberries sound fantastic! I love baseball. What a night!

  4. Milkshakes and french fries = the dinner of champions!
    It was so much fun seeing you last night! Thanks for waiting in line for Shake Shack with me forever :)

  5. SIL says:

    I like dipping french fries in Wendy’s frostys. I think anything plus Nutela equals party in my mouth! YUM!

  6. Ahhhh that sounds AWESOME. And to answer your question, I only go to baseball games if I absolutely have to, haha.

  7. Liz says:

    next meet up I’m sitting next to you :)