Smoothie In A Bowl: SIAB

This morning I did not feel like actually eating something for breakfast. I knew I was hungry and just wanted something that went down easy.


I decided to make my own version of a bloggy staple. Smoothie in a bowl or SIAB.


To start things off I found a big bowl, yeah I don’t think a regular cereal bowl would work…. so I used something that we serve side dishes in at dinner parties!


I keep a stash of frozen fruits in my freezer on hand for smoothie days and these bananas have been freezing for a few days!


I threw in a few to make things a bit creamy, with some frozen berries!

To top things off for a crunch, I added Uncle Sam’s cereal!



To edit my smoothie pictures I used the Windows Live Photo Gallery photo editor! It’s free, simple, fast and easy!


Final product!


This was the original picture:


Notice the difference?

With just adjusting the brightness, I was able to bring back the natural light that was lost due to the camera.

If you are not already using Windows Live Writer to blog, use it to edit your pictures!

Check out my other photo editing tip post using GIMP. Free photo editing rules!

As great as the picture looks, the smoothie was not filling!


I guess I should have added some protein. Frozen fruits, milk and cereal were just not cutting it.

But I did have fun eating my smoothie with a spoon, until I just slurped it down!


Do you edit your pictures? Do you get full from a smoothie?

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2 Responses to Smoothie In A Bowl: SIAB

  1. SIL says:

    I’m lucky if I can download pictures from my camera onto the computer so editing won’t be for a while. Your smoothie with cereal looked yummy!

    I do not get full from smoothies. Smoothies are snacks for me, not a meal replacement…I like to chew food. I even tried adding various proteins to my smoothies and it never helped. Oh well. Have a great weekend!

  2. Sana says:

    Yeah, I never got full from that smoothie! The best way to upload pics is from and SD card!