Spice and Bright Colors

When people think of Indian and Pakistani weddings they think of spice and colors!

Yesterday my mom, sister and I went to a pre wedding event for a family friend.

It was a fun event to celebrate the couple’s up coming nuptials….

I really liked to decorations for the stage, the pink, yellow and green theme worked really well!



The guests were entertained by a professional dance team!



The tables had simple candles that really added an elegant touch to the evening!


IMG_9124 IMG_9125

The event we actually held at a historical mansion in Columbia, that I had never heard of but it’s a perfect place for a small wedding or a reception!




The happy couple enjoyed the evening with family and friends


and I enjoy the evening as well!


With food of course! I had some naan, rice and kabobs with some yogurt!


My mom and sister got dressed up for the event, and looked super cute!


I liked my outfit as well, I was lucky it fit, my mom was worried.


We headed home at 11pm…. just as the party was getting started, we were wiped out!


I can’t say for sure but it’s safe to bet that Indian/ Pakistani weddings are wayy more $$ than American ones, all the food, clothes and decorations. My poor parents have to get ready for my sister and I to get hitched!

Have you ever been to an Indian/Pakistani wedding?

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10 Responses to Spice and Bright Colors

  1. That wedding is awesome! I love the decorations:) You look very pretty, too!

  2. That looks like so much fun! You look beautiful.

  3. SIL says:

    No, I haven’t been, and I think you should invite me to one so I can go. You guys looked gorgeous! I love the red on you!

  4. avery says:

    I get to go to an Indian wedding at the end of July! My boyfriend’s brother, Kavi is getting married and his fiance is half Indian. They are actually having a Christian ceremony AND an Indian/Hindu ceremony. I will have to show you some pics! I am invited to that pre-wedding thingy, where you get the henna? Also, I’m going to her bachelorette party and we are getting a Bollywood dance lesson! So awesome and fun!

    Also, have we talked about how beautiful you and your sister are? You both look like Indian princesses!

  5. Annelies says:

    Sana! You look beautiful in your salwar kameez! Did I ever tell you of my love affair with Indian culture? I’ve never been to a wedding, but did get to attend a naming ceremony in Delhi years ago. This wedding looks like it was fun. :)