QingZhen Halal Chinese

Last night my family and I got together to visit some family, we were done at around 9:45 and ready to dinner.

Most places close by ten so we were lucky to fine QingZhen Halal Chinese was open  till 11. We clearly closed the place down.

My parents were excited to find a halal Chinese place, they are not as easy as you would think to find!

The lovely dippers came in handy for the soup that my parents ordered, it needed a bit of spicing up…



My brother rolled with the spicy Lo Mein with some chicken, it was a kicker…..



My sister went with General Tso’s chicken, which my parents helped her clean out.



I went with the Orange chicken which I was able to dominate on my own!



I eat chickens like nooooo body’s business!


We got a bit fancy for dessert with a sundae


and some mango custard, mixing the two together was a winning combination!



I am glad I got to spend some quality time with my parents and my brother




Because my sister and I are currently on vacation, we are on a mini road trip to the eastern shore for a relaxing weekend!


We are with my friend Kelli, who is a road trip trooper who drove and had a massive Gaga sing along party!




Yay girls weekend!


DO you take mini road trips?

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3 Responses to QingZhen Halal Chinese

  1. I wish I could take a road trip! I had a friend that just drove across the States for 13 days, and I’m jealous, haha.

  2. Sara K says:

    I eat chickens like it’s nobody’s business too- it’s actually RIDICULOUS how much chicken i can consume in one sitting. Halal Chinese, that’s so legit!

  3. Ken says:

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