Speeding it up.

Sometimes I wish life would speeeddddd up. I want to be in my future already, I want to be done with college and set up in my grown-up life. At the age of 22, I still feel like I am in my little girl life.

I saw people Tweeting about the *N Sync Pandora station and I decided to check it out for myself. These are the sounds I grew up with and this station took me wayyyyyy wayyyy back.


And don’t even get my started on S Club 7. I still love them, I watched the TV show was well. Please tell me I am not the only one. Why can’t lyrics these days be as uplifting as they were in 1999? All we hear about these days is bitches, guns, gangs and hoes.

I miss the warm and fuzzy.

S Club7 Party 


The soundtrack to my youth, and I realized times had changed. Big time, I also got sad that the kid’s of today who are with Beiber fever and down with the Jonas brother, won’t know the music we heard way back in the day.

I miss 2000. Hahah does anyone remember Y2K???

So today for my ab crunch class, I took it told school. We crunched away to *N Sync, after a bit I turned it right back to Kesha.

I hope my class appreciated the trip down memory lane!


For anyone that teaches group fitness, good music is key. I just hook up my phone to the sound system and Pandora leads the way. The commercials are a bit annoying, and I usually just talk while they are on!


Even though I feel young, the music I listened to when I was younger does not seem as young. It feels like it was a looooong time ago, that I was dancing along to BSB.

Thanks to youtube and pandora, we can never get old and keep rocking out to the music we love!



Any other S Club 7 fans? Please tell me I am not alone

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12 Responses to Speeding it up.

  1. i know who was tweeting about the nsync pandora station… ;)

  2. OMG s club 7. I completely forgot about them!

  3. Debbie says:

    oh my God I LOVED S Club 7. Rachel was my favorite. I still remember that episode where her boyfriend broke up with her while they talked on a public phone (do those even exist anymore?) and the one where they got lot in the Bermuda Triangle! Hahaha, good times.

  4. S Club 7, loved them!

    I’ve never had a dream true….

  5. Monet says:

    I agree…good music is essential! I would have loved being in your class. What a great trip down memory lane! Thank you for sharing with me. I hope you had a cool and relaxing Tuesday. I know I’m ready for a good nights sleep! Take care and have a blessed week, my friend.

  6. looooved S Club 7!! And S Club Juniors…yeah…

  7. “S clubb is gonna show you howwwww”
    Thanks for that :D

    The episode when they go back in the past in the 50s was my favorite

  8. Jaime says:

    Nsync forever!

  9. Oh God. This music was popular when I was a senior in college. I’m old.

  10. I SO miss S Club 7. I watched the TV show too, girl. Don’t worry. I gotchu.

  11. I’ve been listening to the NSYNC radio station every day now for a while. It makes my day so much better! Usher is on right now lol

  12. Jessica says:

    Just watched that video 3 times….SSS CLLLUUBBBBB!!!! Love it!!! If only the sport bra as shirt trend would come back…