Meet My Dates


I have posted this recipe with my dates before, but I love it soo much why not post it again?



So here are my dates for the evening, however I think I shall dress them up a bit!



First, I removed the icky pit


Next I gathered, up my stuffing ingredients. Powdered sugar and cream cheese!




And some orange peels!



I wanted to finely chop the peels so I put them in my mini food prcessor



And they were good to go! I am pretty sure I washed the orange before a peeled it…..



Bahaha, my mom is super silly, can you see where I get it from?


Since I could not taste test I just added 2 table spoons of cream cheese with one table spoon of powdered sugar and orange peels!


I added the mixture to my pitted dates!


I stuffed them to the brim


Clearly, I was really focused at the task at hand.


I mean with 20 minutes left till my 16 hour fast as ending I needed all the concentration I could muster up!




Tada!!! How do you like my festive dates???

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4 Responses to Meet My Dates

  1. Sara K says:

    Hahahah when i saw the title of this I KNEW it would be about palm tree dates! Yums yums yum, I love my dates- so chewy and sweet and perfect

  2. Maren says:

    These look really good! But I’ve never had the courage to actually eat a date…

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  4. Yum! Sounds like a deliciouis date night ;)