All Over. Eid 2011

Ramadan/Eid 2011 are a wrap.

My initial thoughts, YIPPPPIEEE, I CAN EAT!!!!! But honestly, Ramadan and fasting actually has nothing to do with food, it was about the 30 days I spent with my family waking up at 4 am to eat and breaking our fast at 8pm all together. During the school year, my entire family is off doing their own things and we don’t get to see each other.

This summer and with Ramadan we bonded, even at 4 am.

My day started off with a 9:30am prayer, it was rough but I survived.



It did help that I went to Panera for a pick me up because we had a long day of eating with friends and family!



Once we came back form prayer some of us were not ready to get back out for the long day of visiting family and friends.



So I spent the time taking first day of school pics of my baby sister who is starting her first semester of college!



I really love how these turned out, I hope my sister likes them enough to make them her profile pic!



You know someone loves a picture you taken when it becomes their profile picture!



Our first stop on the food marathon was at a family friend’s house, we laughed at jokes and shared stories and ate!


I stopped to smell the Eid roses!


And I ate some dessert, that would sheer khurma


We stopped back at home to grab my sister who was done with her first class of the day and decided to have a family photo shoot.



My sister and my parents!



My parents <3



“the girls”


Oh and of course I had a mini photo shoot of my own, let’s be real I love my family but this is my blog!

IMG_0972  IMG_0986


My bother answered a few phone calls during the photo shoot…


My siblings were getting a bit annoyed with my crazy lady picture taking, I had them working it for the camera!



But we managed to get things together for a sibling picture



as well as a full family picture that involved many attempts at setting the self timer and positioning the camera correctly on top of my brother’s car.



The best part about Eid, is the emphasis on visiting our elderly relatives.

My family rarely has this time together so I am glad we were able to drive around town visiting our family.

Even if it took us to a depressing rehab center


It did not hurt that other stops had an amazing spread of food waiting

Beef stew and many other un pictured goodies


Some of us needed a food eating marathon break


But I was good to go and rolled on with the photo shoots. Sometimes self timer pictures don’t yield the best results but I think we will all live.


We finally came back to my house where we would host our own Eid dinner, you would think that we were sick of eating… but I can never resist my mother’s cooking.


My siblings and my cousins had a great time


They watched Spy Kids, while I caught up and chit chatted with their parents.


My brother is stuck at home with his sister’s all day, that he loves bonding with her male cousins!



The ladies of my family managed to get things together for a family picture, gotta respect those who don’t want their face plastered all over the internet.


But soon it was time for things to end, we said goodbye to my cousins and bye to my brother who moves back to campus for fall semester.


Even though most of my family lives here in Maryland we were able to celebrate Eid with those that don’t live with the states. Thank you skype.


I wish I could say that I am excited that Ramadan is over, I am sad- I will miss the fun that I had with my family and I will reflect over everything in the days to come.

I am very blessed to have spent this day with my family and friends- it was much needed.

Eid Mubarak!

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4 Responses to All Over. Eid 2011

  1. Monet says:

    Such a beautiful family…and I just loved learning more about your culture/heritage this month. So very inspiring! Thank you for making me smile…and remember how much I love my own family. I hope you are having a terrific Tuesday evening. I’m about to head off to bed after a long but rewarding day. Much love and hugs from Austin!

  2. Sara K says:

    Eid Mubarak Sana! I’m so sad that I’m all alone in Finland and without my family for Eid…for the 5th time in a row :(
    It looks like an amazing spread of food and family you had! Yesterday I was at a local mall here in Finland in an area where there are a lot of Somali Muslims and they were all out dressed in their Eid clothes and it made me feel so nostalgic

  3. Mmm… everything looks delicious! And how great you were able to Skype in family who doesn’t live locally!

  4. SIL says:

    It looks like you had a great time with your family! How fun (and yummy!!). Your pictures came out great!