Ugh. Rain.

Last night, I spent Monday night catching up on school work, so I would be on top of my game come Tuesday!


I ate, my dinner while I studied, my mom mixed my two favorite Trader Joe’s sauces into some amazing chicken.

image image

I ate it on a bed of pasta, I was kinda sick of rice.


With a tall glass of H20, I was almost done before I remembered to snag a picture, who drinks 1/2 a glass of water??


This morning I used my brand new smoothie holder that I scored for $10 at Target!



And I packed up my lunch!


In the mix, some fruits to nibble on. I have back to back classes from 9-5 so I don’t really get to sit and eat lunch. I need things I can shove in my mouth during class.


A cinnamon and raisin bagel with a hefty serving of fat free cream cheese to eat in my first class.


Some packed up chicken with noodles for an easy transformation from lunch to dinner.


I like taking pasta for lunch because it does not go bad!


And finally some trail mix to shove in my mouth while I get a 10 minute break during my 3 hour lab…. yeah…


Oh and some water, because we did not get enough H20 from the water falling from the sky.


Today, I prepared the best that I could. I did all my homework, I packed my lunch and ate breakfast. I even showered!


What I did not check? The forecast. As the skies opened up I flip flipped my way to class.

Yeah, I was that girl.

Better luck tomorrow!!!

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4 Responses to Ugh. Rain.

  1. SIL says:

    I hate it when that happens!! I never have an umbrella either. At least you had good eats :)

  2. Ugh, rain is the worst! At least you weren’t running late or forgot to pack something!

  3. RhodeyGirl says:

    I wore flip flops to meet the guy changing my car battery, and oh my goodness I was COLD! It was like 60 degrees here yesterday. I also did not check the forecast. Whoops!

  4. Hey Sana, thought I’d check out your pictures and drop you a line! There are a lot of techniques to use other than just a wide aperture to get great photos. I would suggest at the moment, checking your white balance and making sure your camera is set for the correct lighting situation (daylight vs tungsten light vs fluorescent light, etc). Also maybe try getting lower when you’re shooting so that we’re at eye level with your subject rather than just shooting from where you’re sitting. Don’t be afraid to move around to get a pleasing composition! We’ll be covering white balance, and other things like that in Anne’s blog, so keep practicing and look for the next photography post!