Happy Friday!

No really, I am happy today! Maybe because I slept for more than 5 hours, or because I don’t have an classes or tests this upcoming week.

But I am happy,relaxed and soaking life in. If this warm, fuzzy and happy Sana is freaking you out, join the club.

I feel like my shoulders are just free of stress, when I have some time off from worrying about tests.

This morning, as I walked EARLY to class, I almost wanted to breakout into a song and dance!!!! Gahhh!

If I keep with my random breakfasts of coffee, applesauce, poptart and fruits, I will never have to take a breakfast picture ever again!



Lunch was a delicious homemade toasted pizza. I am not a fan of frozen pizza, it just does not taste real, and thankfully it takes 5 mins to make one!




For dinner, I stopped for a quick bite to eat at Boston Market, and can I just say Boston Market keeps Thanksgiving going all year round and I love it.

And checkout their soda cups, HUGE!



Thankfully I love Coke Zero.




For dinner I got the mac&cheese and the mashed potatoes. Five bites in, I was stuffed and ready to go to bed.


I had barely made a dent into my food and I was already in a coma.

Thankfully I had room for dessert. Trader Joe’s Dunkers are amazing!


How many times have you lost a cookie in a cool glass of milk? One too many times.


Let’s not pretend I only ate two.


Milk(fat free) and cookies will always be the ultimate bedtime snack.


I really,really hope Happy Friday stays with me, a girl could get used to this feeling!

Are you happy today????

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10 Responses to Happy Friday!

  1. Kacy says:

    I want that mac and cheese and mashed potatoes right now! Yum!
    So glad you’re feeling so happy. I definitely remember how good it felt to not have any tests to worry about. Such a weight off the shoulders!

  2. I am happy today! I took the day off, got to sleep in (a little), and got to run a lot of fun errands!

  3. SIL says:

    I’m HAPPY! I will be on your side of the world in about 12 hours…seeing Kacy this weekend!!

  4. Avery says:

    I am happy too! I just submitted a time off request to take my entire birthday week off from work, which is in two weeks. I can’t wait! I plan on catching up on some much needed sleep!

  5. Mitra says:

    Ooh chocolate chip cookies are the BEST. My midterms are next week so I’ll be studying this weekend.