Health Food Love or Hate?

If you read as many healthy living blogs as I do, you know which food items are the latest rage. My blog, is not one of them, I just eat anything.

I do know for a fact that I eat things based on how they taste. I don’t care how healthy something is, if it tastes like booty I just won’t eat it.

I am however willing to try out everything at once.

Chia Seeds

Humm, I have not tried.  Chia seed pudding sounds interesting, if it really does taste like pudding.

Garlic Gold

What is Garlic Gold? Just garlic and salt in nugget form?


Love. It can be fluffy and delicious, if prepared correctly.


Almond Milk

Love times a million. It’s like a delicious milkshake without the gross dairy milk after taste.



Green Smoothies/SIAB

Love, just limit the green

I apparently missed the green part of the smoothie, but I only like them with a small handful of spinach/kale. Not sure if that counts, but I added the green!




And no, eating it in a bowl does not make it any healthier.


Nutritional Yeast

It tastes kinda funky/cheezy. Meh. I love cheese so I would prolly not use this.



Banana soft serve

Love. Tastes just like ice cream, and not a banana.


I even stuffed it in Strawberries Stuffed with Banana Soft Serve.


Kale Chips

Unless I made them incorrectly, mine were a little greasy and not chip like. I can see the appeal but they don’t get any love from me.



Peanut Butter/ Almond butter

I don’t get how eating spoonfuls of PB is healthy, it seems to have a ton of fat even if it is “healthy” I love the occasional PB&J. I tasted Almond butter once, it was kinda oily.

But I am totally obsessed with PB noodles



Protein Powder

Hate. I have never tried it. Freaks me out.

Spaghetti Squash

I can see the appeal, it does look like pasta. But tastes like squishy, soggy pasta. Real pasta wins.



Not a fan. Is this just another attempt to eat dessert 3 times a day?


I used to be obsessed with tofu, and I read something about how tofu contains a synthetic version of estrogen, so I stopped eating it for a while. I need to do more research to determine if I really do love it.


I actually prefer tofu over meat, I think they flavor is great and I don’t have to worry about biting into a bone or a gross piece of fat.


I only like the cookie dough version for the cookie dough or the chocolate chip brownie. All the other ones taste fake/ stale.




I just can’t eat something that heavy in the morning. Savory oats just sound disgusting.

I actually used to eat oatmeal everyday for breakfast, but I guess I got over it.



I have no idea what rolled oats are, but instant oatmeal is great too.



Not something I would chugg on the regular, the floaty things are just too weird. But the flavor is not gross at all.


Like I said before, everyone gets to pick and choose what they eat and why they eat it. I take pride in the fact that I may not love every “healthy food fad” but I am willing to try everything out at least once or twice.

Thoughts? Do you truly love the” healthy food fad” items you eat?

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22 Responses to Health Food Love or Hate?

  1. I am with you on the oatmeal! It seems like everyone eats oatmeal or overnight oats for breakfast. I am not a fan. I like oatmeal cookies, though.

    I also don’t think that nutritional yeast tastes anything like cheese, but it’s a good source of vitamn B, so as a vegetarian, sometimes I use it.

    Kombucha is delicious! My favorite is the ginger flavor.

  2. j says:

    PB is SO good for you!!! I eat a Tbs of it in my oats every morning. The point is to NOT eat spoonfuls.

  3. Kacy says:

    Yay a fellow non pumkpin obsessor!

  4. Healthy foods I eat and LOVE:
    -Oatmeal (I make it not-thick)
    -Plain yogurt
    -Chia Seeds
    -Lara bars
    -killer tofuuuuuuuuu ooohiiiieeee!

    Healthy foods I tried twice and wont’ touch again:
    Kale. That is all.

  5. Love: Kale chips (try again!), Kombucha (yes, the “strands” can be gross, but it really makes me feel better!) tofu, almond milk, any kind of nut butter (I know it’s still really caloric, but it does help keep me full!) and oatmeal.

    I don’t really HATE anything, but I’ve never tried protein powder (and probably never will, it’s so fakey!), nutritional yeast, or garlic gold (which yes, it’s just garlic roasted until crunchy. How is that good?)

  6. This post really summarizes why I absolutely heart you.
    I agree with a lot of these. Also I think nutritional yeast smells so disgusting. I have a coworker who eats it and I always gag when he uses it. No cheese smell & I can’t even imagine tasting it.

    • Sana says:

      Yeah, thankfully it was only a dollar. I never even used it. However I will eat that fake orange stuff in Kraft mac and cheese. Hehe.

  7. SIL says:

    I’ve had several protein powders. Brown rice powder= epic fail…so grainy. Soy powder=fail…scared of estrogen. Whey powder=not so bad, but still “chalky” if you don’t mix it REALLY well. All of them are pretty high cal though coming in at about 100 calories a scoop…you need to see if that is really worth it to you over a piece of chicken which is much easier for your body to digest at 145 calories (and more filling and has potassium). I only do the powder if I’m not feeling well and don’t want to put heavy solids in me.

    I hate tofu. Any kind of “soy” product does have estrogen, but the verdict is still out there on whether or not it is enough to cause breast cancer/cancer in general. Since I’m already taking estrogen hormones, I avoid that stuff like the plague when possible just in case.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE quinoa and reduced fat Jif peanut butter. I bought my first carton of unsweetened almond milk about a month ago and tried it, but it just didn’t do it for me. I like organic fat free milk better. PLUS, the almond milk barely had any protein it so I was like “why am I drinking this?”

    • Sana says:

      NO ONE talks about the estrogen in tofu, like what gives??? I am sure most people eat it just because it is meat free…

  8. Mmmm that picture of the chole and quiona looks so gooooood. I miss Indian food now :( Haven’t been home in a month and won’t be home in another month…so I’ll have to wait a while for homecooked Indian food hahaha.

    Agree with you on everything in this post. HATE pumpkin but I’ve always wanted to try chia seed pudding because pudding is just so good.

  9. Avery says:

    I agree with you on a lot of this. I think I get plenty of cals throughout the day and don’t need 200 extra calories by adding nut butter to everything. It is delicious, but maybe more useful for vegetarians who don’t eat as many calories as me? Nutritional yeast and protein powder are just two things I can’t wrap my head around.

  10. GirlEat says:

    Wonderful post! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what is good for us we forget about what we actually LIKE.

  11. Mitra says:

    I’d like to try chia seeds but I can’t find them in any grocery store. I had coconut water and it was awful, ick!

    • Sana says:

      I have heard other people hating coconut water. Other people blog about chugging it and it being refreshing???