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Bar Seating Makes Its Way To Kitchens, Home Entertainment Areas

If you’re going to sit at a high table or bar, you need a high chair that seats you at the proper altitude. That’s where a bar stool can come in handy. They’re perfect for sitting at a counter top or other raised surface where food or beverages are served.

In most cases, bar seating is a stool with long legs and a footrest that can have a backrest and armrests, or might not. It can be upholstered, or it might be simply an unpacked seat of wood, metal or plastic, or some combination of any of the three. It can be constructed from pricey hard wood, or from inexpensive aluminum.

You’ll get a slightly higher point of view when you sit on a bar stool, which can be highly desirable if you wish to survey the room where you’re seated while eating, drinking, or both. Once simply the furnishings of saloons, the bar stool has achieved mainstream acceptance, and can be found in any number of American homes where families use them in the kitchen and other rooms of the house.

For the bar stool booster with some extra cash to spread around, leather upholstered seats can be a chic way to outfit your informal gathering spots. While leather will set you back some extra cash, you can choose the leather grade that best suits your pocketbook, be it expensive full-grain leather, more budget-friendly faux leather, or something in between. Leather wears well, even the faux variety, cleans up easily when spills occur and looks smart. You can purchase leather-upholstered stools in just about any color imaginable. Leather contrasts well with just about any other kind of material, and can be dyed to introduce a bright touch of color into a room that needs visual excitement.

When you’re discussing retro-style bar seating, you’re talking about the kinds of stools that you might have found in a speakeasy during prohibition, or sometime before or after that era. Shiny chrome predominated, and the seats were usually upholstered in leather. You could also see similar seating solutions in soda fountains and diners in the 1940s and ’50s, as well. You can purchase stools in a variety of heights, but they are not adjustable so you’ll want to measure the height of your table or bar and make your choices carefully.

Contemporary stools are constructed from wood, metal, plastic and acrylic, with steel and aluminum being two metals frequently used in bar seating. Steel will always be heavier than the same model created in aluminum. Wood is a durable material, and it can be finished in any number of ways, with stain, varnish and shellac, if you wish to display the wood’s grain. You can also paint wood, but that will cover the grain, which most woodwork appreciators say is usually a great sacrifice that should be avoided.

Modern bar seating is available in a broader range of colors than is retro furnishings, and you’ll find that colors go far beyond the typical primary color choices that had been the sole options available in days gone by.

You may have to search a bit to find the seating solution that best suits your budget and your aesthetic sense, but with a simple Internet search you should uncover more than enough choices to suit all of your needs.

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