I Am A Middle Aged Woman

Guess who walked 2 miles today?? Me! The walking class I teach today was super fun! It’s basically a bunch of middle aged women and myself, we talk and walk laps. It’s fun having other people to discuss back and knee aches with. No one my own age wants to shoot the breeze about old people issues.photo (10)

I am pretty sure I jabbered away for 2 miles straight. opps.

photo (12)

For lunch, I had a tuna fish sandwich with a side of grapes,strawberries, blueberries and a date.

photo (11)

And some herb flavored pretzels? Whatever they were, they tasted great!

photo (9)

After teaching 2 fitness classes, and working for 5 hours at my on campus job, I ware more than ready to head home.

photo (8)

This picture does not do the sky any justice, but it was a deep purple. When I walk to where I park after a long day at school it’s nice to see the sky so beautiful.

When I got home, I ate dinner with my parents and what I thought was butter chicken, but my mom made salmon curry!!! I was skeptical, but it turned out really well! (Good job, Mom)


I also snagged two chicken tenders Winking smile 


Days where I remember to eat, talk to people on campus and exercise are some of my most favorite days!

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4 Responses to I Am A Middle Aged Woman

  1. Lele says:

    Ooooh, salmon curry sounds GREAT!

  2. Great job on the two miles! I walk miles with my friends and we chat the entire time!

    • Sana says:

      Yeah, and when I am running I am too busy huffing and puffing to talk. I am more worried about making sure I don’t die.