It’s Tickle Time

Following up from the work place prank post, I wanted to prank my sister!

So I jumped out from behind the door and went BOOOO as she came in and in true Sana fashion, I forgot to hit record.

However, my sister did not know that I did not get it on camera.

Let’s see how she really feels about me…..

My sister loves to tickle me

Seriously, tickle time is the worst. She pins me down and tickles me non stop!!!

And since she is the baby of the family she has to carry all the takeout home Winking smile

photo (14)

So I obviously did not end up crashing date night with my parents, they went to an event tonight, which is apparently boring.


My poor mom. Can someone feed her real food?

I am too busy eating real food.

photo (13)

Kabob, yogurt dip and naan. Seriously, the best meal ever. I was so sad when I finished eating the last bite.

I ate dinner with a side of Modern Family. Best show ever. I have a feeling if my family had a TV show, it would be just like this but with more yelling.

photo (12)

Back to the books…

photo (11)

My life is so exciting.

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