KRAFT Cooking

Last night while I was studying my baby sister cooked me dinner!


I am a huge fan of KRAFT fat free cheese and my sister made a recipe from the back of the package.


Here is the recipe from the KRAFT website! She made skillet parmesan zucchini and added some whole wheat pasta.


Thanks for cooking sissy.

This morning after my 8 am final, which I am pretty sure I did really well on Winking smile I cashed in for some free coffee.

photo (31)

After sleeping for 4 hours, this was much needed.

And some delicious hash browns.

photo (29)

I worked at my campus job from 9am-2pm and it was finally time for our secret santa party!

photo (32)

Oh, and some serious pizza action!

photo (33)

I rolled with the cheese and got the book eat pray love! I really can’t wait to read it over winter break.

photo (34)

And we ended the party with some cake.

photo (30)

Work parties are fun Smile I have 3 days till my next final and I am pretty sure I am going to sleep for the next 3 days!

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