I Love the Holiday Season

My family does not celebrate Christmas, but I have to say I absolutely love the holiday season.

1) Shopping

While everyone has been hitting the malls trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one. My family has been cashing in on the awesome deals. I really don’t understand why people get stressed over giving gifts, in my culture we give each other cold hard cash on holidays. Money >>>>>Gifts

2) Vacation

While everyone is rushing around trying to visit family members, my family is going to sit back and relax at home.

3) Holiday Treats

I have been helping myself to many,many,manyyy peppermint filled treats


4) Gifts

I have thoughtful friends and employers. Really, I don’t deserve these.


5) Lifetime Christmas Movies

I am sucked into the magic that is Christmas, even if I have to watch it on TV


6) Santa

Thank you for making cookies an acceptable midnight snack. I celebrate allll year round Winking smile

Indian Santa

7) Free Show

Thank you for sharing your festive lights with me. I will appreciate our lower electricity bill a lot more this month.

The holiday season makes it socially acceptable to take creeper pics of stranger’s homes.

Tonight I contributed my part to dinner. Cabot cheese. I have no shame in admitting that I can eat the entire brick in one sitting.




Don’t worry, I mixed it in with some chili.


We had a mini feast tonight made by myself, my sister and my mom.


Baked potatoes with Italian dressing and parmesan cheese. (Sister’s contribution)


BBQ sauce, ground beef with peppers and onions on a biscuit. (Sister’s contribution)


Is dinner a joint effort in your home? What do you contribute?

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2 Responses to I Love the Holiday Season

  1. Do you have the recipe for those biscuit things your sister made?? They look so good!!