Home Sweet Home

Even though my lovely cousins were amazing hosts, I missed my parents and could not wait to see them. Which is why my last day in Texas was bittersweet.

Oh and before I forget, checkout the cool things I bought for myself in TX. Blue stripped Infinity scarf from Gap.


And a gray cowl neck top from Banana Republic.


I don’t know how I managed to bring all my stuff home but I did.


After a short night’s rest (we stayed up all night talking)


My siblings and I woke up to our last day in TX. Check us out from 6 years ago, the last time we hung out.


Yeah, no words.

My lovely Aunt stayed up till 1 am cooking chicken biryani for us and it tastes just like how my mom would make it!




Rice+yogurt=a match made in heaven.


After a sad good bye we headed off to the airport for 8 hours of flying and layovers.


Thankfully nothing crazy happened on the flights, but we were happy to be heading home. I really enjoyed traveling with my siblings we all had some major bonding time Winking smile


I scarfed down a pizza and a frozen yogurt during our 2 hour layover in Philly.




And after a 15 minute flight back to Baltimore, we were finally home!


My parents greeted us with dinner and dessert. Do they know us or what?


Chinese chicken and rice.


Georgetown Cupcakes will forever be my favorite.

Final Texas thoughts:

1) Texas is amazing because my lovely cousins/uncle/aunt live there and they made our stay super fun and enjoyable.

2) The water tastes like dirt.

3) Where are all the people? Compared to Baltimore and D.C, Texas seemed empty.

4) Holy food and shopping scene, I have never seen so many shopping centers next each other.

5) I <3 cowboys

Flying is exhausting!

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10 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. JaimeFNP says:

    welcome home, love! glad you had safe travels :)

  2. SIL says:

    YOU WERE IN TX AND DIDN’T TELL ME?!?! I could’ve driven to see you! If the water tastes like dirt you must’ve been near Dallas.

    • Sana says:

      How far do you live from Dallas?? I was there for 4 days visiting family. For some reason, OK looks far away on a map…
      Yes, the water tasted like dirt.

  3. Army Amy* says:

    Three cheers for Tejas! I agree, the shopping here is pretty sweet.*

  4. Jodie says:

    glad you had fun!

  5. Joy says:

    I brought Jim a Georgetown cupcake home from the dc marathon he’s still talking about it

    • Sana says:

      What are Jim’s favorite flavors? I may or may not be sending something sweet your way ;)

      • Joy says:

        Jim loves anything chocolate or peanut butter or maple… I bought a chocolate one with vanilla frosting (he told me I was lame – I told him I was being a purist for him)

  6. Avery says:

    What a fun trip! Makes me want to take a trip like that with my sister!