Safe House

Long sweater+yoga pants. It’s how I roll. Yesterday, I woke up early to go to work and to take my first exam of the semester.

You know you have been in college for too long when you start finding mistakes in the exams your professors write.


After the exam, I hung out at work till my co-worker showed up so I grabbed an egg salad sandwhich.


I guess the usual sandwhich wizard did not make mine, because it kinda off. Or maybe the bread was too dry.

Either way, egg salad is always amazing.

My mom is a total copy cat and wore the same outfit me!


I don’t know why we are wearing all black…for our mom & daughter date.

We went to Panera for dinner before our movie, I got the New England Clam Chowder which is always amazing.


And my mom got the Mediterranean Salmon Salad. The salad part was delicious, but the salmon was gross. It was cold and had no flavor to it. Don’t get it.


For $9.49 we were disappointed.

My mom really wanted to watch Safe House with Denzel Washington, it’s not really the type of movie I would watch but I went with her anyways.

Checkout the cool people dressed up in Star Wars costumes for the new 3D movie! I remember when the non-3D version came out many years ago when my sister was a baby and my mom had to take her out of the theater because she was terrified of the movie.

Why did we take a baby to the movies?


But Safe House was a pretty good movie, expect for all the explosions and the gun shootings. I wanted to go home.

I don’t watch many movies with loud explosion sounds so I jumped out of my seat every time a shot was fired.

My mom loved it.

And after over two hours of sitting still my mom and I limped out of the move theater together.

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