If you are thinking about:
  • Eating something new for breakfast, don’t do it. Waffles, whipping topping and fruits will never get old.

  • Buying a pair of TOMS, I hear you should go a size smaller. Or in my case 1.5 sizes up. I am a size 6 but the 7.5 shoe was sung at best. Since I hear they stretch out I bought the 7.5.


  • Getting a gel color manicure, go with a French manicure. Because, what sense does it make to have nail polish that lasts 3 weeks if your nails are going to grow? The awkward, nail gap is not cute.


  • Eating bean dip for lunch. Be careful, beans will mess you up!


  • Reading a new book, checkout Princess by: Jean Sasson. I read a review over on Kushboo’s blog and wanted to read the book. Without going into too much detail, I think the book did open my eyes as to how different people live in the Muslim word. However, I am not sure how accurate the details are of the book because after all it is a story.


  • Eating a funny assortment of sloppy joe, chicken steak with green onion dip and a salad for dinner. Do it.




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7 Responses to If you are thinking about:

  1. Love your manicure! My eyes slightly glazed over when I spotted those glittery pink Toms – must have.

  2. Thanks for the book rec! I’m almost finished with the one I’m reading now and am looking for the next one already.

  3. Lee says:

    Toms fit weird. I am normally an 8-8.5 and I have one pair that’s a 9 and fits great. So I thought I was a 9 in them and bought another pair and they’re too big. I want some sparkly ones though.

  4. Woo – so glad you enjoyed the book..it really is an eye-opener, even though I am sure some of the details are somewhat of a stretch! And agreed about not switching up breakfasts- if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!