Rekindling My Romance With Chipotle

1. I used to be obsessed with veggie burrito bowls from Chipotle, that is until I had to start calling it S***potle. After a few months off, I decided to test the waters with a veggie soft taco. I think Chipotle and I are back to talking.

2. I despise doing my own laundry, but I was a little too excited to stick my Vibram Five Fingers in the wash last night. To be fair, I had not washed them since I bought them a year ago, and things were looking a bit rough. I am so glad they look almost brand new!


Now if only, I could get on board with washing my clothes…

3. Guess who can now make all of her pictures look old and fancy? I already had Instagram when I used to be bff’s with Siri, but I recently got it with my Droid.

Who needs a fancy DSLR when I can make myself look like this?


4. I am seriously concerned for my future. Since I am a professional student, I can only study/ write notes in multi-color.

Will this be acceptable in the professional world?


5. My free birthday gift from Sephora this year was Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15. And after using it for about 2 weeks, I can safely say that I am obsessed.


Do you think your lips lose the ability to produce moisture after repeated use of chap stick?

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10 Responses to Rekindling My Romance With Chipotle

  1. Sara K says:

    Does that actually happen with chapstick? I had no clue!
    And that is a gorgeousssss photo of you- but I mean you’re gorgeous even without all that Instagrammin’…now if only they’d make it for Blackberry

  2. claudia says:

    your prettiness exudes in that picture! i don’t think that happens with chapstick but who knows

  3. I’m so obsessed the the Sephora birthday gift I bought the real thing. It has been completely worth every penny.

  4. Ameena says:

    I love Chipotle…I only wish they offered some fish options…

  5. SIL says:

    I use red pens and blue pens and purple pens and I’m professional and others who don’t like my super awesome colorful pens can kiss it where the sun don’t shine!