Blogger Quiz

1. How often do you blog?

I usually try to blog once a day recapping the day before. However, if I am busy with school or work I don’t really get around to doing it and I have no problem with skipping a day or two.

2. What is your favorite subject to blog about?

I actually love blogging about my family, I enjoy having a reason to capture pictures from our special moments. I know for sure many family moments would not have been photographed if I did not blog. And I know it’s more important to enjoy the moment rather than snapping away, but honestly after a few months you tend to forget certain things/events.

3. What blogging platform do you use?

  I use for blogging. Windows Live Writer to publish my posts and BlueHost for self-hosting.

4. Do you tell people in real life about your blog?

I do publish my blog on my personal Facebook page, so that friends and family can see the pictures that they want to. But unless someone else brings it up I don’t say anything.

5. Has blogging changed your life?

Of course! I have learned a lot about myself, the world of blogging, photography and social media. I am not a “professional” by any means but I know a lot more now than I did when I first started.

6. Who helped design your blog?

I use the Thesis theme and Matt helped me with getting it to look the way I wanted to. I used Etsy for a cute and affordable header. I think you can get an attractive site, without having to pay $300+.

7. How do you feel about employers/ people at work reading your blog?

I am pretty sure a few people at work read my blog. I don’t really mind that people I work with read, because I personally don’t feel like I post anything that is not work appropriate.

8. Do you make money from your blog?

Yes. Thanks to my blog I can pay my cell phone bill and afford to eat out! No shame in making $$ for something that I put time and some effort into. Obviously I am not rolling in dollar bills over here.

9. Do you see yourself blogging forever?

I am sure I will eventually get bored of talking about myself, but I am excited to capture my future! I won’t lie I have thought about if and when I have babies how I would go about putting them on the internet. I know for a fact that I wish I had more pictures and words about my childhood.

10. Do you think your blog does an effective job of capturing what you want to share?

Yes. My blog is about my life and how I am working to overcome an injury. I obviously don’t share everything in my life, but I think if you do read my blog you have a good idea of who I am.

Do you have any questions you wish to add to this quiz?

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2 Responses to Blogger Quiz

  1. Joy says:

    How did you grow your readership

    • Sana says:

      1. I put my blog on my personal FB account.
      2. Went to blogger conferences.
      3. Tweeted my posts
      4. I comment on blogs when I can.
      p.s Can you e-mail me your new address? I think you moved?