It’s been personally hard for me to measure my progress when it comes to having an injury. But after 5 weeks of PT, I have made so much progress that we have scaled my visits down from 2 times a week down to one. And after next week, I am going to be working on my own for a while.

I have to admit I was disappointed when we scaled down my visits, because I did not feel 100% normal. However, I realized that with a back injury, it’s difficult to feel totally normal. And that my progress is measured by the number of nerve-pain free days that I have.

Thankfully, most of the pain/weird nerve sensation is gone and my core and hips are A LOT stronger! And that is some awesome progress!

In my appointment last week, my PT okayed it for me to jog for 10 minutes. A nice and slowwww jog. However, before I could get that workout in I strained my neck doing absolutely nothing. Needless to say, I was terrified to move anything much less attempt a 10 minute jog.

I have no idea how I have suddenly become this sensitive person, who gets hurt sitting around.

Anyway, since I was worried about my swollen neck even after getting it checked out at Patient First I had my PT take another look. (She totally understood why I would be concerned).

She confirmed that had indeed strained a muscle and I got some ice for my neck, electrical stimulation for my back and a heat pack for my left thigh.

I wish someone had taken a picture, I was a mixture of hot and cold.

My life.

Today, I am going to be doing lots of planking and lots of studying. Strong mind and a strong core!

My PT had me do this plank on a medicine ball 5X for 15 secs each with my back flat, and my core tight. I was def shaking 10 seconds in!


I liked it because it challenged my core, and I also looked like I was praying….. for world peace of course and not new shoes.


One thing I noticed since I teach an abs class, is that it is really hard for me to tell when I am holding my back flat in any plank position. I obviously can’t do it incorrectly in front of a lot of people, so I start off in the “wrong” position with my tail bone sticking out and moving into the correct position.

I am also going to take more pictures of myself with a self-timer on to double check my form.

I am so excited with the progress that I have made so far, and I am pumped for what I can do in the future!!

What progress are you proud of?

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2 Responses to Progress.

  1. I’m definitely proud of my commitment and progress to yoga over the last 8 months.

    And good for you for sticking with working out and PT- so many people just quit.