Pita Bread Pizza and A Buffet for Dinner

I have been posting a lot of recipes that my mom and I make at home here on the blog. So you have a pretty good idea of the types of things that we eat at home.

However, 85% of the time we actually eat pita bread pizza. It’s the best. And we are lazy.


All you need it a piece of pita bread, pizza sauce, cheese and any toppings (green peppers, onions and tomatoes).

After a quick toast in the toaster oven ( less than 10 minutes), it’s all done!


I also made a small side salad to go with my pita bread pizza.

  • handful of baby spinach from Trader Joe’s
  • savory tofu pre-cooked from Trader Joe’s
  • a few tomato slices
  • a drizzle of Italian dressing

For dinner, my family was invited to a party at O’s Place located in Catonsville, Maryland in the Security Mall.


O’s place is a mixture of Chinese, Indian and Pakistani cuisine. But I was mainly excited to try the halal Chinese food.


I know my mom and sister ate the Chinese food as well!


Are you guys a fan of buffet style food? I like the concept of being able to eat as much as you want of several different dishes. However, I am more of a single entrée person. Because I get to focus and enjoy one food item.


I tried a little bit of everything and while the food was good, nothing really stood out to me because I had tried so many different dishes.


I also sampled the dessert, but it was really just too hot in the restaurant to enjoy the dessert (broken ac).

Do you prefer buffet style eating or ordering a single entrée?

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2 Responses to Pita Bread Pizza and A Buffet for Dinner

  1. Floey says:

    I like buffet style food if there isn’t one particular thing there that I know I love. But a single dish is always more welcome since I probably wouldn’t be eating it if I didn’t think I would enjoy the whole thing.
    But…come to think of it, whenever I go out to eat with my Dad’s side of the family (asian) — they always order a bunch of different dishes to share…so the variety is welcome.

    • Sana says:

      Idk something about all that food sitting out makes me feel weird! But I do love to order multiple dishes and share!