SuperSana vs The Spider

Yesterday we had a party at work to celebrate graduation!

We had pizza,a cake and brownies!

My lovely co-workers gave us a gift-card and a UMBC mug, I was so excited to drink my coffee in it this morning.

Don’t I have the best co-workers?

I also spent the evening in my favorite chair at the library.

Guess who figured out how to do fancy stuff with Instagram?

So after I long night of studying, I got into bed, closed the lights and tired to sleep.

After 5 minutes, I knew that my mind would be racing all night if I just laid in bed, so I flipped on the light to find my Nook.

As soon as I opened the light, I found a spider staring right at me next to my bed.

I froze.

I tweeted for help:


Thank you all for coming to my aid.

I panicked and grabbed the nearest thing to me and tried to get rid of the spider.

Yes, I am the dummy who tried to kill a spider with hairspray. Don’t judge me because it was 2 am and I was terrified to leave the room.

Just picture this, me standing on my bed trying to kill a spider with hairspray. The spider attempts to commit suicide and jumps on my bed, I tumble backwards off the bed and the spider scurries away.

Sana: 0 Spider: 1

Needless to say, I did not get much sleep last night.

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One Response to SuperSana vs The Spider

  1. I’ve definitely been in the same exact scenario as you! I have nightmares about spiders and I always feel like they are super intelligent and act dead when they know you are about to kill them…so terrified of them