Family and Running

So I went “running” for the first time in a year! I say “running” because my walking class jogged .25 miles in 30 sec intervals.

And I felt sooo good and speedy. Just kidding, but the bottom line is that it was pain free and that I could talk, because I was the one keeping track of our thirty second intervals.

After my mini-jogging session I had my final PT session for the next 2 weeks. I spent the 1.5 hours of my PT session working on planks and being poked by my PT.

The point is for me to be able to hold a solid plank while my PT pokes and pushes me around and I try not to fall over.

It really is so much fun.

But, over the past 6-7 weeks I have increased my core strength so much that I really can hold my own!

I am surprised I was able to accomplish so much physically, because I felt pretty awful. I had a migraine. But I napped and took 2 Advils and finally felt better.

I quickly showered and got myself together before we had some of our family over for dinner.

I had a blast playing and talking to my little cousins! Now that they are a bit older, I really enjoy their quirky personalities and sense humor.

I also had fun talking to my mom’s cousins they had soo many fun stories to share.

I also wanted to know what it was like growing up without cell phones, it seems so strange to not be connected to a phone 24/7.

Gah technology!


My mom also cooked a lot of delicious food, thanks mom!

Typical Sana mode, being bossy and leading the kiddos in a game of tag-hide-and-go-seek.

I loved seeing my little cousins playing in the park behind my house, it reminded me of my childhood and how we would run around for hours playing games in the grass.

Did you grow up in a time without cellphones? What was it like?

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2 Responses to Family and Running

  1. claudia says:

    I didn’t have a cellphone until I was in college and that was just 8 years ago! It was one of those things where you wanted one if you didn’t, and when you have one, you forget you have it and take it for granted. I think I can live without it because there are other things you can do like read, and listen to music.

  2. Leah says:

    I laugh at songs, like Maroon 5’s “Payphone”, (although I totally LOVE the song,) because men of their age cannot relate to what it was like to look for a payphone and dig for change if ya had to make a call. Yeah, I’m old.