A View From My Window

I always knew I had a paper due for my Health Policy class at the end of the semester. However, in my mind it was a 3-5 page paper which actually turns out to be a 10 page paper. I have one written one 10 pager in my college career. Looks like it’s time to add another one.

I am pretty sure the semester ended yesterday, and yet this paper is due on Sunday?

Looks like I won’t be able to join the lovely outside world till then.

I am  an expert at procrastination before a huge paper. So far I have cooked myself eggs, I washed all the dishes and now I am blogging…


In other news, my baby brother is home from college and having him around is a blast. However, the noise level in my house has gone wayyyy up. My sister, my mom and dad are fairly normal-voiced people, but having my brother home makes everyone take it up a notch. I am not sure why, but we have our usual conservations-just much louder. I need ear plugs!

Also I hate TV. Did anyone else watch the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode? I am wayy too attached for an ending like that. I really hate myself sometimes for how attached I get to TV characters. Sigh, I forget that they are not real.

Ok, time to go find more things to waste my time withtttt

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10 Responses to A View From My Window

  1. Katie says:

    Get that paper done girl! I know you will! Maybe you will get it done today earlier today and still have time to enjoy the weather!

    Happy weekend!

    • Sana says:

      I kinda want to go shopping! Btw, I was going to tweet this but that shirt you were trying on at Target, did you buy it? I have one in black and I love ittttt!

  2. Wow that’s pretty lucky that you’ve only had to write one ten page paper! Good luck with this one!

  3. Your making me miss my little brother!

    • Sana says:

      My brother just sprinted down the stairs, it sounded like a freight train just raced through the house! Scared me!!!

  4. my family’s coming to town soon so i understand about the noise level going up!

  5. claudia says:

    oh man, season finales of grey’s anatomy always ends up people dying

  6. Joy says:

    I totally agree about the grey’s ending I was like wtf… Good luck with your paper