It’s A lot Easier When You Have Nothing To Do.

Back in June of last year I decided to stop riding my bike because I fell off one too many times.

Yea, falling off a bike even while going super slow hurts a lot. It hurts your ego even more.

So after less than a year, my friend Miluska and I went on a bike ride. I won’t lie, I am horribly out of shape, we usually do 2-3 laps around our usual lake, but I was wiped after just one.

Biking downhill is fun, the uphill is what kills!

After biking, I had some lunch and worked on a few blogging projects and got the energy for workout #2!

Yeah, I am back to the world of fitness! But I will be honest, it’s a lot easier to workout when you don’t have to go to work, class or study.

Workout #2 involved this machine at my gym. Anyone know what this is? I kinda bounced on it like a trampoline? But I could also “run” with it using the arms. Either way, I am pretty sure I was using it incorrectly but bouncing was fun. Next time, I will have to watch someone else use it and copy what they do but I think it can be used to bounce and “run”.

I did more of my PT exercises that involved resistance bands.I basically slip the band near my ankles and side step my way across the room and come back. I do about 120 steps, and it’s a KILLER.

Resistance bands=evil.

And finally I used the foam roller to work on my IT band. I read a lot of running blogs and I never understood why people foam rolled or why it hurts.

And it does hurt, but it relieves so much of the tightness and the nerve pain that I have in my hips!

And you don’t need to be a runner to foam roll, just check with your PT/doctor before breaking into any crazy moves.

Exercising make me sooo sooo happy and I am glad to be back! I am obviously taking it super slow and making sure that I am not hurting myself.

But boy, it really is good to be back!

Anyone know how to use that crazy machine I bounced on? Do you find it easier to workout when you have less to do?

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2 Responses to It’s A lot Easier When You Have Nothing To Do.

  1. Kacy says:

    You weren’t really wrong. They can be used at stairsteppers or an elliptical of sorts to simulate “running”. I liked it back when I had a gym membership.