Cook OUT. Eat IN.


Congrats Katie on winning the camera strap giveaway! Please send me your mailing address to supersana786 at gmail dot com so I can pass it along.


Thoughts on the new blog look? I know I have some font size issues going on, but let me know if it looks funky to you. I can’t tell if the header is too big or not.

We had a family cookout yesterday, but we ate inside because I was tired of swatting away bugs.

We grilled some delicious chicken.


And I had 3 chicken dogs.


After spending the rest of the day napping, my mom and I made it to the gym. I was not feeling up for a workout because of some pinched nerve issues but I made the best of it!

I am glad that today is the last day of my summer break because I am in need of some structure back into my life!

Starting tomorrow, I am taking an evening anatomy class and I am teaching basic fitness class at the university I used to attend!

What are your plans for the summer? Working? School? Playing?

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2 Responses to Cook OUT. Eat IN.

  1. Charissa says:

    This post has me craving for late, summer-night BBQs…and summer sun! Good warm fuzzy feelings!

  2. SIL says:

    I will be working. BLAH. I have some mini trips planned though!! The Spa (Cibola) and Grand Canyon combo, Denver (Allenspark 10k), Chicago (BFF is having baby #4), and NYC (to see Kacy!!).