I Sleep With All of My Electronics

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I know this is horrible for healthy sleeping habits, but I go to bed with all of my electronics. I actually hate going to bed unless I am dead tired because laying in bed waiting for sleep to come drives me insane.


So I usually watch a movie on my laptop, or studying, or read blogs and when I am close to getting sleepy I switch over to reading a book on my nook until I drift off. And I always sleep with my phone (alarm) and sometimes my camera if I am blogging.

All of my electrical gadgets come with chargers so you can bet it gets pretty crowded in my bed.

Totally healthy, I know.

So I have been rocking it on the workout front, and by rocking it I mean did another slow jog for 10 minutes.2012-05-30_17-17-36_895

My sister ran circles around me as I slowly moved around for 10 minutes and pre and post jog stretching. She was not pleased.


How can you be unhappy when you workout near an artificial waterfall?

After my outdoor jog, my sister and went to the gym to do some strength training ( tricep dips, squats, planks and pushups ect.). Whenever I workout, I like to do an indoor and an outdoor workout. I like doing cardio outside (when the weather is nice) and the strength training portion indoors where I have all the equipment I need in one place.

Plus when you workout outdoors you can get a little sun and some fresh air with is really good for you and you can cool off with the ac for the indoor portion!

I did not end up teaching my basic fitness class today since they had a campus alert for people to arrive late due to seeing someone with a gun.


Thankfully, they were able to find the gun and no one was hurt. So I am going to head out and do a light workout today and go to anatomy lab tonight.

Maybe I will see the baby deer again?

Do you sleep with any electronics? Do you do indoor or outdoor workouts?

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8 Responses to I Sleep With All of My Electronics

  1. I only sleep with my cell phone because it acts as my alarm. Sometimes my kindle is around if I feel like I need help falling asleep. Oh, but I do play my ipod to fall asleep, although it’s not in bed with me.

  2. I used to sleep with my laptop in my bed, but then I kept knocking it off the ledge, which eventually ended in a dead computer. Needless to say, now I leave it on the nightstand. :)

  3. CaitlinHTP says:

    I sleep with the Ambiance app on my iPhone on :)

  4. Joy says:

    I sleep with my cell phone, I wake up approximately 15278 times a night so I jump on either my kindle or nook (both apps on my phone) or google reader and read for just a second and fall back to sleep

  5. SIL says:

    I sleep with my cell phone right next to me b/c it’s my alarm also. I do my morning runs outside and do weights inside. I’d take my weights outside but I’m too lazy and it’s getting too hot in the afternoons now. I will run on my treadmill if it’s crappy out. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. Charissa says:

    I use my ipod for a noisemaker sometimes…and as an alarm. I probably have so many electronic rays floating around my room.

  7. I’m totally guilty of this! I read/watch stuff on my laptop then switch over to my iphone right before i go to sleep. It’s a habit I’m definitely looking to break.

  8. James Nikon says:

    I’m curious why are you doing that? Honestly, sometimes I also sleep with my cellphone if I’m waiting for an important call or message but often times I set it aside for safety purposes.