I Can’t Hang Like I Used To

I will be honest, after my magical run I was a bit lost as to what I should do next. I wanted to make sure my back was alright, and I knew something was up when it was super sore the next day.

My legs were perfectly fine. I guess it was good that both Th and Fri I had absolutely 0 time to workout. A full day of work+night class= a busy Sana.

I realize that everyone is super busy, but I don’t care that much about getting back into shape to really push myself after going to a run for the first time in a year. In the past I have done cardio 5-6X a week and that has just turned out so well for me. (NOT)

I can’t hang like I used to but on the bright side, my back is no longer sore (YAY).


Last night I went to a dinner party in VA with the family.


Stuffed on appetizers=no room for dinner.


I hangout with some of my lovely friends.


Played with some cute babies and called it a night.


I think being at work and class for 12 hours a day has made my life rather boring, however I love having a lot to do everyday and I am excited for the future that I am working towards!

Plans for the weekend?

  • A light workout on the elliptical?
  • And studying my first Anatomy exam on Monday, tissues and the skeletal system!

What are you doing this weekend?

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