I Spent The Entire Day At A Grocery Store + Super Sana Design

Leaving the house to go ANYWHERE with any member of my family is a huge ordeal. Yesterday we attempted to go to the grocery store.


My Dad is usually the worst at leaving the house. He goes back inside no less than five times to eat, use the bathroom or grab some stuff. Yesterday, my sister tried to grab all her items for the tennis lesson she was giving later on jussttt as we were trying to leave for the grocery store.


Yeahhhh, we were not leaving anyyy time soon. ( Please ignore the fact that my front yard has no grass)


I waited impatiently in the car for her to gather all of her things.


Finally we were on our way to Wegmans!


My sister made a dash into the food court before all the veggie samosas were gone, and we grabbed the last few before they switched them out for the lamb ones!


My mom, sister and I ate lunch in the upstairs seating area and split a few of the options:


Roasted brussels sprouts and cabbage ( they was too bitter to enjoy).


Delicious veggie samosas!


And the BEST tofu I have ever eaten! The Thai Curry Tofu with peas was so good!


And we split a chocolate chip muffin for dessert. After lunch my sister had to be dropped off at the tennis club to give her lesson and we picked up my brother who was grocery shopping at another store.


My brother wanted to check out Wegmans so we went BACK to the grocery store. Lol, we parked in the peas aisle.


I was thankful that my brother is basically a freaking giant, it was super easy to spot him in a jam packed store!IMG_8632

A worker at the store even asked him to check on top of the soda machine to see if something was wrong with a faulty machine.


Have you guys used one of the “futuristic soda machines”? You can basically combine 100+ different soda flavors!


I basically spent the rest of the afternoon people watching while I waited on the pharmacy to fill a few prescriptions and for my brother to finish eating.


And that is the story of how I basically spent the entire day at a grocery store.

The End.

SuperSana Design

I know when I started blogging 2-3 years ago, I was totally clueless on how to make my blog look the way I wanted to.

Most of the professional blog design services were about $500+ and I felt like I would be stuck with an ugly blog forever. Thanks to Google and a few helpful friends, I finally have a blog design that I totally love!

SuperSana Design

And now I want to help you do the same!

What am I offering?

Favicon Design:Favicon

Blog Headers:

Brand New Header

Fun Buttons + Widgets



I can even make you some cute buttons/widgets to add on to the side of your blog to showcase workout tips and some of your favorite recipes.

I am by no means a professional, so I am willing to work with YOUR budget!

I love my blog and I want you to have a blog that looks like everything you would want it to.

Some other services:

  • Setting up a Facebook + Twitter Page.
  • Linking your Facebook + Twitter Page on your blog or website.
  • Using other program to blog such as WLW.
  • Blog Advice/ Basic WordPress help.
  • Set up of a T-shirt shop.

Feel free to contact me: supersana786 AT gmail DOT com

Do you love your blog design? What changes would you make to your blog?

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3 Responses to I Spent The Entire Day At A Grocery Store + Super Sana Design

  1. Joy says:

    My blog needs HELP

  2. Great to know you’re doing blog designs. I have fellow bloggers ask me for suggestions of people that work with people with all budgets. If I come across more in the future, I’ll send them your way!