Life Lately: June 2012




I am currently taking only one class, Anatomy and I am loving it! It totally helps that I have a science related bachelors degree because I have an easier time understanding the specific functions of the body.

The class that I am currently taking will fulfill the prerequisites for what I plan on doing in the future. I have been in school long enough to know that it is impossible for me to be successful at what I do unless I have a specific plan.

Currently I am planning on working in the health and fitness field but in a more clinical setting as opposed to being a regular personal trainer. I am researching the field of exercise physiology and it would be a dream to help people use physical exercise as a way to manage and prevent diseases. I am working towards a certificate in exercise science as well as a certification to be a cardiac tech with in the next 16 months. In the future I see myself getting a second bachelors degree.


Last night we dissected a cat in lab, I was thankful that I did not have any pets and tried to be gentle with the body.



I was doing SO WELL in the fitness department with a magical run and I have had 0 nerve pain since  finishing up physical therapy!!!!!! I have been able  to lose 12 pounds just by moving more and limiting what I eat out, before I got a week 1/2 long cold.

I don’t even have the energy to cough and get through the day, let alone power myself through a workout. I am hoping to get back on track next week.

I am not worried about losing weight or the fitness that I have probably lost, I just want to make sure my body can get better ASAP!

And once I am better I can get back to my workouts.



I was doing well with not eating out buttt Wegmans came to Columbia, and I have been obsessed with all the veggie options that they have.

This really is the tofu of my dreams and Wegmans makes it better than I ever will!

I also keep an open sticky note on my desktop for recipes that I want to work on.


I want to make an Indian version of stuffed chicken breast, a twist to the strawberry pancake cupcakes with banana, walnuts and chocolate chips!

And a co-worker challenged me to make Eggs Benedict since I have never had them before…



1. Blogging- freelance and SuperSana. I really wish I had more time to spend cooking and developing recipes but school and my other jobs come first.

2. Walking class– I feel terrible but being sick has put a damper in my daily walking class. I am hoping for an epic comeback next week!

3. University Desk job- I need to start looking for another job because I can’t stay on longer past the summer since I have graduated college. ( The job is for student workers only)

I am going to look for a on campus job at the community college I attend or teach more classes once my personal fitness has improved.

Things I am Loving


Pomegranate Mint Soda


Maxi Dresses





Making Paper Boats


What are you loving lately?

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7 Responses to Life Lately: June 2012

  1. tempesst says:

    i’m taking A&P 1 this summer as well… my cumulative final is tomorrow!

  2. Brittney says:

    Just checking in and wanted to tell you that you look GREAT Sana :) Hope you are doing well!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Totally digging the Euro games these days! Haven’t missed a single one :) BTW, totally cute dresses!

  4. Sugel says:

    I am an aquatics instructor but have a passion for all sports. I teach many indoor aquatic classes a week and it is so rewarding to see the benefits of exercise in all age groups. I have heard many of the members saying how hard it is to come “inside” to work out when it is so beautiful outside. So this inspired me to start a walking class two days a week. The classes has grown and I am now adding two more classes for those who would like to walk 3-4 miles. No matter what the weather, we keep on walking.