Staying Cool In the Heat

Hey Hey! Life has been lots of fun and pretty hot so I have been trying to get lots of rest and stay cool. Here is what I have been up too for the past few days:


Since I teach a noon walking class, I hit the gym immediately after for my own personal workout. It’s perfect because I am already out of the house, dressed in workout clothes AND in the mood to workout!

AMT® 885 with Open Stride™ Adaptive Motion Trainer®‎ this is the crazy workout machine at my gym where you can basically climb stairs and “run”.

I can only do about 20 minutes on any machine before I get bored so I try to make it as fun as possible!

@ Level 5 Intensity:

1-6 minutes: warm- up with light “running” and stairs, mid stride.

7-15 minutes: alternate 60 secs of full stride running and stair climb.

16-21 minutes: cool down with light “running” and stairs, mid stride.


I finished up my workout with triceps extensions and traveling squats+bench workout!


Oh and I foam rolled! I was in and out of the gym in less than forty minutes!

I came home to some delicious eggplant curry.


I have to confess, during my night class I get the munchies and I usually hit up the vending machine for a quick snack. However, I decided to grab some pre-cut fruit from the grocery store on the way to class just so that I would have something to munch on.


I got a huge container of melons, pineapple and grapes for $4.99, it was a bit more expensive than my usual vending machine snack but a lot healthier!


Oh, and remember the futon I built last summer, well it has come in handy during this heat wave! My basement is A LOT cooler than my room so I can sleep in total comfort, well worth the crazy building process.


To beat the heat on Friday I taught a fun indoor track class:

After walking a few laps to warm up, we alternated walking and jogging laps until we had finished a mile (10 laps total).

Thank goodness for the track ac, otherwise we would have never gotten this workout done!

I wrapped up the workout with some medicine ball lunges. The real workout was walking the 3 minute walk to my car in the 100 degree weather. I was debating going to the gym from some more elliptical action, but the heat just drained me.

So I took the rest of the afternoon to relax with a facial and a pedicure. I got nail art for the first time, I realize that I am not 5 years old anymore, but the daisy’s are too cute!



That night I went to a grad party with the family, my sister and decided to roll with the blue and purple combo!


We had some yummy Indian food, chicken appetizers, butter chicken, rice, salad+yogurt dip.


And a strawberry+ banana cake from Wegmans, with full strawberry pieces inside. I loved it!


I got to hangout with a lot of my friends who have just come home form college!


Our outfits coordinate so well Smile




Today was the first day of the North Brentwood Summer Fun Reading Program!



This is my 2nd year teaching and I am working with the little kids fro the first time ages (4-7). And let me tell you, we had a BLAST. I mostly read out loud to them while they act out the story, Jack and The Beanstalk was a huge hit. We acted the story out almost 3 times, while everyone took turns being the ogre!

After work I grabbed some dinner with my friend Kelli, Wegmans tofu is the BEST!


Kelli and I were having a mini photo-shoot when a random stranger decided to photo bomb us.


LOL, she had no idea!

I was a bit stuffed from my lunch so I met up with my friends for a snack and dessert for dinner.




And we spent the rest of the night playing Nervous Guy, we laughed so much that I almost peed my pants!


I had a blast with my friends!

Alright soo that was a recap of the past few days! I hope you all are staying cool and making the best of this crazy weather!

How is your weekend going??

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8 Responses to Staying Cool In the Heat

  1. Sonal says:

    That’s so sweet you teach a summer reading class :) It would totally be something i’d be into!

  2. Ahh I need to foam roll so bad.
    Love the design on your toes! So cute :) :)

  3. Minerva says:

    Looking gorgeous ladies!

  4. Floey says:

    I hate how fresh fruit is always the more expensive snack option! :/