Tiny Portions+Smoothie Fail


I am still going strong with my morning smoothie kick. This morning, I broke into the stash of frozen fruits I grabbed from Trader Joe’s.


I also tried the 0% Greek Frozen Yogurt from Tj’s- it definitely tasted fat free, but it was an excellent addition to my morning smoothie.


I went a little overboard with the frozen mango, my blender was so pissed. I was pissed at the blender for not being able to blend the fruits, needless to say I ended up with a frozen slushie for my breakfast.

It was very chilly and very delicious.

For lunch, I decided to try something that I have seen all over the blog world, roasted brussels sprouts.

I may have burned them a little, I am terrible at checking on things in the oven. However, those little stinkers were SO GOOD!




I rounded off lunch with my favorite chicken dish, I essentially combine the Trader Joe’s General Tsao sauce along with the Thai Yellow Curry sauce with some veggies and a fried onion.


I had the same thing again for dinner, it was just that good.

Now, as I was plating lunch I grabbed the small red dinner plate to photograph my meal and I realize that most people use similar smaller plates to eat off of on the regular.

I personally use a bigger dinner plate and refill multiple times and I find it odd when I see people posting pictures of smaller portions.

However, as I was eating lunch I realized that I was full after eating what I consider to be a smaller portion. It made me realize that using a small plate to eat on probably does make you feel like you have eaten an entire plate of food.

I will probably continue to eat off of a bigger plate just so that my food does not spill off of the sides as I am eating, it was a tight fit!

Thoughts? Do you eat off of a smaller dinner plate in order to make it seem like you are eating a lot of food?

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20 Responses to Tiny Portions+Smoothie Fail

  1. Dude, you could put the smaller plate on TOP of the bigger plate, and catch spills but still enjoy the smaller portion satisfaction.

    Or not.

  2. Cool read, I am grateful for this posting.

  3. Luna665 says:

    hahahah yes, I use small plates but just because I like them better!I also use baby fork, spoon and knife. Clearly, everybody makes fun at me for this, but I think I am getting better: until last year, I used to eat everything with a spoon. And by spoon, I mean teaspoon … also, until some years ago I used to eat (with spoons!) in bowls (no other kind of plates). Yes yes, my parents are perfectly normal people ;)

  4. Sonal says:

    I understand how the whole small portion in a small plate deal would influence some people, but I find my normal sizes are just fine and satisfying :) I don’t need to keep refilling it as I would be tempted to do if the plate was small! I love the mango smoothies by the way !

  5. Floey says:

    Random fact I thought of when I saw your honey:
    Honey is the only food that doesn’t spoil! Haha. Got that off my friend’s Snapple bottle cap last night :P

  6. I’m a big fan of both roast sprouts and small plates. There’s even a Small Plate Movement out there. Cool stuff. :)

    • Sana says:

      A movement?? that sounds interesting! Is it normal for the sprouts to burn like that or am I just hopeless in the kitchen?

  7. If your little blender has problem with those simple ingredients, its time to upgrade don’t ya think?

  8. Beverly Aragon says:

    Ohhhhh no, you didn’t burn those little stinkers at all. :) Extremely well done is the best way to eat them since they get all carmelized and crunchy. Okay, now I’m totally craving roasted brussels sprouts!

  9. I’m glad you liked the brussels sprouts. I’m completely addicted to them (my roommate makes fun of me because I make them at LEAST two or three times a week)- it’s a weird thing to be addicted to, but it balances out my addiction to fried potatoes, sooo… :) I eat dinner off of a big plate unless I’m making something very rich or calorie dense- I need the volume!

  10. pbmingers says:

    I know some bloggers like pbfingers ALWAYS use tiny plates in but photograph it in such a way to make it seem huge. Abit disordered but thats their prerogative!

    • Sana says:

      I get why it works, because you are essentially eating a plate full of food. Funny mental trick! And a lot of bloggers do it and I can imagine how frustrated their readers must feel.