Run With Your Bad Self

Whew, it has been a week! So pumped that tomorrow is Friday!

It always takes me a while to adjust to a new semester+ my work schedule- you would think that after 6 years I would have this down pact.

But no.


However, the weather has been super lovely, so I really can’t complain. I spent my time in between classes enjoying the sun and people watching.


Oh and the best part of yesterday? I found a meter with 2 hours on it, however it was still at 2 hours when I returned to my car an hour later. I hope it stays broken forever.


Yesterday, I taught the first session of  the basic fitness class for the fall semester. It was awesome to see many new faces, I gifted them with some resistance bands.


We went for a 15 minute outdoor walk and came back to the track for some laps and stretches. I took it easy on the first day but hopefully we can kick it up within a few weeks.

I was planning on going for a light walk at the end of the day, but I could not find the energy to leave my bed. So I called it a day.

Today, I had a long day of Anatomy II lecture+lab- thankfully it’s my favorite class. However, by the time I got home, I was ready to get into bed.

But, today was the first day of the running group I mentioned earlier that I had joined. I did not know anyone else that was attending but I am glad I pulled myself out of bed to go run. Description from the website about the program:

“The objective is to provide an opportunity for women to work out in a safe and supportive environment and encourage a lifelong program of fitness. The ultimate goal of the program is to get all participants to train for and complete one of the Howard County Striders’ Metric Running Festival races on November 11th.”

My goal is to run the 5k.


I had no idea what to expect from the running group, but I was pretty surprised to see about 100 people all ready to run.


We started off with a few speeches/introductions and we all set off on a short walk to run a time trial mile.

I knew I would be able to finish the mile, since I have been jogging/walking  a bit these past few days.

However, I am super slow and I wanted to come in around a 12 minute mile, and I think I officially finished around a 12:45? Those silly hills.

Not bad for a non-runner!

I did not push myself crazy hard on the run, but I managed to pass 30 or so people and only walked a few times.



Oh and so much sweat. I am superrrr excited to have a training plan, I have never really had official coaches for anything athletic related so this is a whole new experience.


I am posting the workout schedule here so that I don’t lose it and so that you guys can hold me accountable for the workouts. I am a little lazy and my bed is super comfy.

I feel awesome for a) stepping out of my comfort zone and joining a running group and b) for having an awesome time shuffle jogging with NO music.

I know running with never feel easy for me, but I am determined to have fun while I run, jog or walk.

Have you every joined a running group? What do you feel awesome about today?

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6 Responses to Run With Your Bad Self

  1. Rebecca says:

    Well done on the mile! And for joining a running club. I’m too intimidated to join one.

    I used to run with the HoCo Striders, but I could never quite wake up in time for the 7am Bagel Runs on Saturdays. :( And then I moved 3000 miles away, so now I run on my own.

    • Sana says:

      I think my brother used to do the 7am bagel runs. I was super intimidated when I realized how hardcore these people looked, but I had a blast!
      Will you be coming back to the area?

  2. Sonal says:

    I’m sure you will reach your 5k goal! Well done and keep at it! The awesome thing about today is a giant organic jacket potatoe I am going to have for lunch….and also that it is Friday! :)

  3. Floey says:

    So pumped to be able to sleep in this wknd! Finnnnalllly. My friend also lent me the Beauty and the Beast DVD. Excited to watch that. Apparently I’m going to be 10 this weekend.