Bloggers Staying Fit At Fitbloggin

My Fitbloggin roommates and I made a quick video recapping how we like to stay fit at Fitbloggin.

I hope you enjoy the video and be sure to comment about how you like to stay fit in the video!


Gabby-Gabby’s Gluten-Free

Ericka– The Sweet Life with Ericka



Thanks for watching!

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25 Responses to Bloggers Staying Fit At Fitbloggin

  1. Brittany says:

    So fun! I can’t watch the video now because we’re on the train, but I’m definitely going to check it out later!

    It was great catching up with you this weekend Sana!!!!

  2. Edyta says:

    all i can think of seeing you recentely is wow wow wow, the weight loss is really showing, you look fabulous and you are a great inspiration!

  3. What a great video! I’m so glad you all had such a fun time!

  4. GREAT video ladies! Thanks so much for sharing this. Sounds like Fitbloggin was fun! I’m looking forward to more tips from Fitbloggin!

  5. It was wonderful to hang out with you this weekend – as well as share our love for thumb holes in long sleeves!! Great video – it’s a great way to remember the weekend.

  6. Christy says:

    This video is super awesome!!! I am so jealous but can’t wait to here more about the recaps from fitbloggin’

  7. Floey says:

    Maybe your side career can be a TV Corespondent or something. You’re so fun to watch! :) Happy week!

  8. Yum Yucky says:

    GREAT video! I’m missing Fitbloggin already after watching it. awwwww….

    • Sana says:

      I really wish I had to chance to sit down and talk to you! But your tweets have me loling on a daily basis and you look sooooo fabulous ;)

  9. Great video! Nice job with your box jumps too!

  10. Maren says:

    I wish I lived on the east coast so I could go to all these cool blogger conventions and meet all of you. So envious.

  11. misszippy says:

    This was SO fabulous! You guys rocked it. Wish I had met you all–Sana I think I sat near you for one of the sessions. : (

  12. You ladies did such a fantastic job on the video!! I’m so glad I got to meet you, Sana. Wish we’d had more time to chat! It was overwhelming how many people there were to get to know, but so fun. Hope our paths cross again… Portland, maybe?? :)